How to draw a Mummy

How to draw a Mummy

How to draw a Mummy

Draw a great-looking mummy with simple, step-by-step drawing instructions and a drawing tutorial. Ideal for children and beginner artists! During the Halloween season, there are many representations of mummies. They are presented in the media in decorations, in costumes – some are considered charming, others are frightening. What is a mummy? A mummy is a body that was embalmed, maintained, or treated as a preservative according to the type of old Egyptian for the funeral with preservatives. Mummification controlled natural corrosion and was once rehearsed in Mesopotamia, Europe, China, Central America, and the Vikings of Scandinavia. Certain religious monks still follow strict diets that become mummies after death.

The practice of mummification was often associated with religious beliefs. In most cases, it was assumed that, after death, nobility and kings, life after death next to the secular possessions they were buried with. It often included boats, lines, weapons, jewels, gold, pottery, food, and other objects you may travel to the aftermath or live there. Animals, maids, guards, and family associates were often offered, mummified, and planted with the ruler. The bodies were sealed in elaborate graves; sometimes, it was assumed that these were the houses of the deceased in the afterlife.

Mummy Drawing

The science, fantasy, horror, and even humor genres believe Mummies have been brought to life for many years. In a novel written in 1827, an Egyptian mummy was shown to live by scientists in the twenty-second century. After the advent of cinema images, Egyptian mummies, still wrapped in burial charts and outs, were scary camp figures, groaning and stiff after centuries. Modern films with these characters include The Mummy (1999, 2017) and night in the museum (2006).

Animation like the Scooby-Doo series brought the living mummy humor. It was usually discovered by shaggy, Freddy, Velma, and the gang that the mummy was a joke – but sometimes it was real! Would you like to draw your cartoon mummy? You may also want to use colored pencils, colored pens, markings, or colors to complete your drawing.

Drawing a mummy

Step 1:

Start with an oval. It will form the head of the mom.

Step 2:

Expand two joints, curved lines down from the head. These lines form the body and the legs of the mummy.

Step 3:

Complete your legs and feet of mom. Note how the feet end in rounded points.

Step 4:

Draw the arm of the mom. Use two “V” -formed lines to sketch your arm. Then draw your fingers with “U.”

Step 5:

Draw the other hand of the mom. Start starting each finger with an elongated oval. Then use a long, curved line to close the palm and thumb.

Step 6:

Draw the arm of the mom. Enter half an oval shape over your hand to display your shoulder. Use a wide “U” -form a line to form the elbow, with a short, curved line that shows the bend in the arm.

Step 7:

The mother’s face with the eyes and the packaging are detailed. Draw two short, straight lines with curved tips to display the eyebrows for the eyes. Then draw curved lines on the face, sometimes parallel and sometimes in points.

Step 8:

Drawing the packaging of the mummy more by crossing your body with curved lines. Do not forget your arms, legs, and feet.

Step 9:

How to draw a Mummy

Draw packaging hanging from the arms of the mothers. Draw a narrow rectangle with rounded corners for everyone.

Step 10:

How to draw a Mummy

Color your mom. Why not shoot it next to a haunted house or an Egyptian pyramid?

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