How to choose storage boxes for the kitchen

How to choose storage boxes for the kitchen?

How to choose storage boxes for the kitchen: Here are ideas for glass or plastic boxes to optimize storage, pay attention to your health and respect your budget.

This fall, I started a major sorting phase at home (Marie Kondo comes out of this body), including cooking. I made the first draft and when I came back to put it away a few months later I did a real sorting of useful things and others completely useless.

I took the opportunity to optimize storage in the cupboards and save space, especially for storage boxes used to store food.

Thinking about sorting through your kitchen and optimizing storage? How to store, preserve food and ensure hygiene at the same time?

Do you hesitate between plastic, glass, and what size to take?

Storage boxes are things that we use every day in the kitchen whether it is to store dry food, leftovers or to prepare the box to take to work or to a picnic.

Here are some ideas to choose from.

Glass boxes
With glass, you are sure to have a sturdy container. Depending on the options chosen, it can be more or less economical. I chose to mix the containers to optimize storage and preparation methods. The downside of glass is that it can be heavy.



Nothing could be easier and cheaper! I have jars of absolutely every size that I store my groceries in. Just keep your jars of jam, tomato sauce, pickles, or compote and then store dry products such as flour, sugar, lentils, etc.

This is very practical if you buy in bulk or if you want to avoid ending up with packaging full of cupboards. I also use it to freeze leftovers. In this case, do not fill the jar to the brim.

You can also use a glass jar to take your salad to the office if it’s not too heavy for you.
I use masking tape to write what’s on it but you can also stick labels or use a marker.

If there are certain products that I don’t think I remember the cooking time, I cut out the instructions from the packaging and tape them to the jar.

At home, everything is stored in the cupboards but if you have an open kitchen it might be nice to have uniform jars.

Pyrex boxes

I recently invested in Pyrex storage boxes. I have had oven dishes for years that have not moved.
These boxes are made of tempered borosilicate glass and are resistant to thermal shock.

They can be put in the oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer. The advantage is that they have an airtight plastic lid and there are plenty of different sizes.

I can therefore prepare dishes in the oven, store them in the fridge and reheat them in the microwave. It is very practical if you want to prepare dishes or cakes in advance and freeze them if you are doing batch cooking for example. Sleeve Boxes

They have several product lines.

Pyrex Cook & Heat for the home (red lid): an airtight lid with a steam valve for reheating in the microwave (and not dirtying it). The dish is oven, freezer, microwave, dishwasher safe.

Pyrex Cook & Go for outdoor use (blue lid): an airtight lid with a tight seal. The dish is oven, freezer, microwave, dishwasher safe.

This is the one to take if you want to carry your meal outside and prevent it from leaking. You have to remove the lid in the microwave.


plastic boxes
It must be food-grade plastic, BPA-free which is harmful to health.
If you have airtight boxes that are 30 years old, it’s time to change them. To avoid throwing mine away, I recycled them into DIY storage. I store nails, screws, glue, etc. Sleeve Boxes

I try to reduce my plastic consumption as much as possible but have kept a few boxes.
There are different types of plastics. For a durable purchase, avoid those that are too light and could break if you drop them or those that are not airtight and therefore do not represent any interest. Some tend to absorb food color.

Lock & Lockboxes
These are lightweight plastic boxes with a snap-on lid. The box is perfectly waterproof, prevents odors, and is dishwasher safe. I don’t use it in the microwave (I prefer to heat food in a dish or plate) but it can be heated.

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