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Tips To Brush Braiding Weaving Hair

How To Brush Braiding Weaving Hair 

Whether you have natural or braiding weaving hair, you will face the same problem: tangles. In this case, you should brush it with a comb and try to detangle it. So, how do you brush braided hair without ruining it? Now, in this article, we’ll look at some helpful steps and tips for brushing braiding weaving hair.

First and foremost, let us discuss why you should brush your hair.

Why Should You Brush Your Braiding Weaving Hair?

Taking care of your hair, synthetic or human braiding weaving hair is the key to looking beautiful and feeling comfortable and confident. After all, both human and synthetic hair will become tangled if not correctly cared for. Furthermore, tiny and minor knots are much easier to remove than large ones.

How To Brush One’s Hair

Step 1: Keep The Hair Steady

To begin, pin your hair to the mannequin head using t-pins. Of course, if you’re in front of a mirror, you can wear your hair on your head and brush it as you go. 

Step 2: Use Conditioner

Next, apply a generous amount of high-quality hair conditioner to the hair to make it easier to brush out.

Step 3: Divide Your Hair Into Sections

Grab your wide-tooth comb and begin splitting the hair pieces into different sections, using the clips to hold hair out of the way in the direction you prefer, which can help you avoid becoming frustrated when you have small areas to focus on.

Step 4: Brush Your Hair

First, begin from the bottom and work your way up with your wide-toothed comb to gently comb the hair down. After you’ve removed the tangles from the ends of your hair, move up a few inches and begin combing down again, working out the knots.

Always brush one section at a time. It takes some time. Therefore, you need patience and gentleness when brushing your hair to avoid pulling it out.

Step 5: Complete Brushing

Brush one section at a time until the section is thoroughly brushed out. Make sure to separate the brushed and tangled hair during this process. Pull out the clips once you’ve finished all of the sections.

Some Things You Should Remember

1. Never Brush Your Wet Hair

It is critical not to brush wet hair, especially if it is a human hair wig, as hair is most vulnerable in a wet state. Ensure your hair is dehydrated before brushing it to avoid permanently stretching and damaging it.

2. Begin At The Bottom And Work Your Way Up

Brushing your hair from the roots down can cause the brush or comb to catch knots and pull strands out. Always brush in the middle of your hair or a few inches from the ends. Start at the ends and brush in small sections to avoid pulling the hair, working your way up. If your brushing becomes stuck, gently remove it and begin again.


Regular brushes cause tension and can become entangled in hair. Use appropriate brushes and combs to keep your curly weaving hair in good condition and prevent excessive shedding.

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