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How to Analysis Qualitative Data Through Online Tools

When working on a research project, you are asked to incorporate essential topics and aspects that need to be covered within the research paper. The essential aspects of a research paper involve lengthy chapters of methodology, research theory, analysis, etc., evaluating each aspect’s lengthiness and importance; it is always recommended to carry out analysis for every research and data you extract. The data for the research paper is sometimes extracted by a qualitative method, quantitative method or a mixture of both. The data which is resulted from the process of a qualitative method is known as qualitative data, and the same is for the quantitative method.


What does the term “Qualitative Data Analysis” mean?

Qualitative data analysis is done by the researchers to give the reasoning and detailing of the data they have incorporated in their research.( Elliott, V. (2018). Basically, data analysis gives a sense of the data you have used. By doing the qualitative data analysis, you will add credibility to your research paper’s content.  

Which online tools can help you in the process of Qualitative data analysis?

Writing a qualitative data analysis dissertation is a challenging task, and students will find difficulties in doing so. Richards, (K. A. R.,

Many students skip the step of data analysis just because of the complexity of the task. Here are a few tools that will lend you a hand with qualitative data analysis help.


It is an all-in-one data analysis tool. It will cater for the needs and analysis of qualitative data, quantitative data and even the mixed method of gathering data. The advanced data analysis tool helps in putting down the data from the survey, interviews, questionnaire, etc., that you have conducted. When you down with inputting all the data you have gathered from multiple methods, you can then tag each of the information regarding the purpose for which you will use it. Finally, you will analyze the data by categorizing the data, which is an excellent initiative for dissertation help. However, the app provides you with a free trial upon subscription. For the ease of users, the app offers annual packages.


NVivo helps streamline the data you gathered for the working of a research paper. It acts similar to MAXQDA. The application is pro at storing and analyzing the data. Beyond everything, the most enchanting feature of this data analysis tool is that you can easily export your word file, PDFs, images etc., to work with the analysis of qualitative data. When moving further, it is also witnessed that the app provides automated transcriptions and auto coding to maintain the platform’s professionalism. The application is mainly recommended and the best fit for the researchers and other struggling students looking around for dissertation help.

The tool is user friendly as the software interface is the same as that of MS word. So it’s evident that every user reaching out for this application would be definitely aware of the use of the MS words; this makes the use of pp easy for them.


If you have collected extensive data that seems difficult to handle, then stop worrying. ATLAS.AI can handle all the significant data, whether in big pictures, videos, files, zip folders, or textual. The tool has the expertise to manage extensive data quickly and smartly. The application is working with such great features because of the AI technology installed in it. Due to its shining layer of AI technology, the application is also helpful for academic institutions and various companies. The operating system of ATLAS.AI I s sleeker and cleaner compared with both MAXQDA and NVivo. Also, the software is considered to be a stronger one, which has both features the auto coding and the data analysis.

The tool requires you to get a license of operation, and for that, you need to pay an extensive amount. Though it’s understood that people doubt paying a hefty amount without experiencing the services for once, the software considers their users’ queries. In addition, the app provides a free trial period for those looking to get complete access.

QDA Miner

The application helps the user with qualitative data analysis and mixed-method data analysis. We can call it a single solution to a dual problem. The software has its features aligned to organize your data, analysis and coding it if required. Suppose you are working all alone and entirely on your own basis. In that case, this software is the best help that you can ever get with your qualitative data analysis. The best part about the tool is that it gives access to the users on a free version and the paid ones. So you can opt for any according to the need, desires and of course the range of your pocket. Even the latest update of this tool has arrived in the year 2020. The update links the tool with the top-notch data visualization tool known as Tableau.


It is a simple software with no strings attached to it. The tool helps analyse qualitative data and provides the best assistance to every user at any time. People are getting attracted to this particular tool due to its affordability and usage. It is considered the best data analysis tool for the students working on their strenuous dissertations or other research papers. It would be the best decision to choose Quirkos if you are new to the usage of data analysis tools. The drag and drop function of the application makes it up to the standard of every student and other users.  


The tools mentioned earlier are the best for the analysis of qualitative data. Though, apart from these, many other data analysis tools can help you with your work. Each tool holds its different and unique features, so you can choose anyone who meets your requirement criteria perfectly. The more perfect your choice will be, the easy your work will become. For better working, you are recommended to manually add your data in the tools rather than lending help from the AI technology and other similar terms. Even when you take a look over the majority of the data analysis, you will find an option of manually coding your data.

When you lend help from the qualitative data analysis tools, you will see a significant improvement in your performance. The work will no longer progress on a slower scale. So why waste your extra energy on something that can be availed with just a little investment? Remember, save your time as much as you can for the better options, as money can come back knocking on your door, but time won’t do the same!

The decision is all in your hands.



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