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How to Add Twist to Banquet Hall Decorations?

When it comes to Indian weddings sometimes people prefer comfort over everything and they go to the banquet hall for their wedding and pre-wedding events. Most of the banquet halls have a fixed décor setup but still, there are certain ways in which you can add a touch of personalization to it! Decking up a banquet hall is very different from decking up an open lawn or farmhouse as you have to go for something that matches the setup created by the venue.

Should you go for adding just floral elements or should you add some draped to give it a dreamy touch? There are certain popular banquet halls in Gurgaon that offer a great scope of customization of décor, we would suggest such options. To get the perfect décor for your wedding you need to be aware of the latest trends too! Here are some décor tips if you are planning a closed hall engagement or wedding.

Read on and start checking these stunning ideas for banquet hall decoration

Give attention to lighting

In most banquet halls, LED lights are used to add colour to the ambience. But as per wedding photographers, such lights result in really bad pictures and with that, it also takes away the impact of a graceful wedding. To solve this you can ask the venue team to stick to yellow lighting for the best wedding pictures and videos. Trust us, the lights always do the trick and for a better impact, you should go all out on making them the focal point of your setup.

Add drama with drapes

Masking a wedding hall is one of the best things to do for the décor. It will give a uniform base to your theme and if done right, it can change the look of your wedding hall. Through this, you can incorporate your wedding colours into your wedding venue. Drapes have room for modifications as the sky is the limit when it comes to decorating your wedding hall using drapes.

Add a Touch of Personalisation to the existing infrastructure

Most of the banquet halls have their photo spots, table décor arrangements and entryways. Though some can match your liking, while some won’t. You can discuss with your decorators at the venue and try to personalise the décor as much as possible. This can be done by incorporating your favourite wedding flowers into their décor scheme and toning down certain extravagant elements like the couple seats or couple stage.

Add Some Noticeable Elements

In some venues, the scope of customisation is less. So, in this case, instead of changing the existing wedding hall decorations, you can add some elements to them. For instance, if you can’t change chandeliers or furniture, you can create smaller focus elements like a photo booth and get your pictures clicked there. In this way, you can add a personal touch to your entry pathway. You can even add a cute entry board or give a twist to the traditional DJ floor a makeover by printing your wedding hashtag on flex!

Pay Special Attention to the Stage and vedi backdrop

The couple stage and the vedi (mandap) are the two most important elements for every wedding décor. The guests’ attention is focused only on these two areas and the couple being confined to these two places most of the time has the most pictures with these backgrounds. Therefore, you have to make sure that the stage décor complements your wedding outfit’s colours. The same goes for vedi! You should use the right kind of flowers and lighting to act as the perfect backdrop for your pictures.

Do Something Different with the Seating Arrangement

While planning the seating for the wedding hall and the Jaimala stage and food counters are quite adjacent to one another, creating a seating arrangement that works for all can be quite tricky. You can take some of your wedding planners at this point. Also, if you have a bigger venue that has separate sections for the Jaimala stage and dinner, then you can plan accordingly. All you need to do is mix and match with herringbone, cabaret and lounge zone seating styles for the stage section. And for the dinner section, you can go for banquet-style seating.

Getting Some Different Types of Furnishing

Amongst all, there is one element that hardly anyone would give a thought to… is the furniture that is used at the wedding halls. This usually includes chairs adorned with different decorative items that we see in wedding halls. To add a twist you can diwans placed in front of the stage for your guests that will not look different but are also really comfortable. If you are not up for straying away from the mainstream seating style but don’t want chairs, then sofas are a safe bet.

Just keep in mind the above-mentioned points, which will make finalising your décor easy. Otherwise, you can always hire a professional decorator who will give you what you always dreamt of!

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