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How Playing the Guitar Improves Your Overall Health and Wellbeing?

Playing guitar is beneficial to your overall well-being and mental health by helping you develop a sense of personal achievement. It offers benefits for everyone regardless of their age. Moreover, the latest research supports that playing guitar is good for your physical health. Here’s how.

Playing Guitar is a Therapy

The health benefits of music therapy are more apparent with health organizations, schools, and charities to help manage an individual’s stress by lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety, and decreasing heart rate. The sounds and vibrations produced by playing guitar are likely to lift your mood and can also be used to treat pain.

Most guitarists admit that playing music on guitar calms them down and improves memory, communication, and motor skills. According to studies, playing the guitar enhances the brain’s grey matter, resulting in better memory power and reducing the rate at which memory declines with age. Memorizing chords and patterns while playing guitar is a good workout for your brain. So if you think you have a weak memory, consider playing the guitar for significant improvement.

Brain Function Improvement

One of the benefits of playing guitar is it improves your brain’s cognitive function. Several studies prove that playing guitar prevents dementia in older adults and enhances a child’s development. Moreover, listening to playing music gives your brain a workout.

Since music produced by the guitar is based on the relationship between one note and the next, your brain does a lot of computing to make sense of it. As a result, it jump-starts creativity and improves hand-eye coordination and lone term memory.

The ability to reach chords and patterns is not enough to play the guitar, so your hands should be able to recreate these patterns on the guitar and pluck the right strings. This can be done easily when your eyes and hand coordinate well. The coordination improves your ability to process things, making you a better reader.

Playing guitar to connect with friends

Improves ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) Symptoms

In addition to improving your thinking abilities, playing guitar boosts your focus. It allows you to control the parts of your brain – a huge benefit for people suffering from ADD or memory loss. ADD is a neurological condition associated with poor working memory, inattention, and distractibility symptoms. Studies show that playing guitar can also improve your IQ by seven points.

Boosts Confidence

If you give up and don’t learn to play the guitar, it won’t boost your confidence. However, if you practice, you can succeed in a song, a chord, and a riff at a time. Though learning new skills is good for the brain, learning to play guitar is entirely different as it engages a part of your creative mind.

That’s how you can learn and grow and improve your self-esteem. Achieving smaller goals and little success leads to bigger achievements and accomplishments, creating a pattern of positive experiences.

If you suffer from low self-esteem, being talented in something such as playing guitar is likely to be a game-changer. According to research, kids who learn to play guitar at a young age can communicate better with their peers and have better social skills. As a result, they’re likely to have healthier social lives as they get older.

A child learning to play guitar

Enhances Creativity

Playing guitar improves creativity, especially when you need to get creative to write an essay or gather some ideas for your boss at work. Studies prove that playing guitar sounds for a few minutes creates space in your brain for inspirational ideas to drop in. Since every individual is innately creative, playing guitar reconnects you with your creativity. As a result, it helps express your true authenticity.

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