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How Islam sees the rights of children to their parents

Children are the joy of our hearts when they are young, our friends and comfort when we are old, and the only thing they can pray for when we are dead. They are the way we earn the good things in this life and the reward in the next. Muslims have responsibilities toward their children, and they take responsibility for these responsibilities to truly enjoy and appreciate the blessings of having children and get rewarded by the Giver. Yesterday’s adult was yesterday’s child, and today’s child will be tomorrow’s adult. Before kids can do what they’re supposed to for their parents, they need to know their rights, so let’s get into this with the Quran teacher.

Muslim parents should teach their kids everything they know about Islam and how to worship Allah, but they shouldn’t force them to do so. They should also show them how to get to Paradise and ensure they don’t fall into Hellfire. Parents make sure their kids have the space and tools they need to learn all about Islam. In the Qur’an, Allah says, “O you who believe! Save yourself and your families from a fire fed by people and rocks.

Before the Child Is Born:

Islam is the fairest way to live because it gives each soul its rights. When a man chooses a wife, the most important thing to do is pick someone who will be a good mother. The mother should take care of her health and eat well while pregnant or nursing so that she can pass on good health to her child. She has been permitted to break the required fast during Ramadan if it will hurt her or the baby. Taking care of children with love All of a child’s rights start when they are born, including feeding, clothing, health care, and even a party to celebrate their birth (‘aqeeqah).

The Prophet also told us to give each child a name that means something good.

Allah gave us the instincts to be mothers and fathers, and we love our children even before birth. Prophet Muhammad told us to love our children. There isn’t one of us who doesn’t show kindness to children and respect to older people.

People say that when Al-Aqra’ ibn Habis saw the Prophet of Allah kissing his grandchild, he told the Prophet, “I have ten children, but I’ve never kissed any of them.” The Prophet said, ” will show no mercy to him who does not show mercy to his children.” A Bedouin man asked Muhammad, “Do you kiss your sons?” “Yes,” said the Prophet. The Bedouin answered, “No, we don’t.” “What can I do for you if Allah has taken your mercy?” asked the Prophet.

The Right to Be Treated Well under Islamic law

Children have the right to a good life, and the father has to ensure they have the things they need to live well. Prophet Muhammad said, “A man’s best penny is the one he spends on his children, his camel for Allah’s sake, and his friends for Allah’s sake.” Even if a couple gets divorced, the father is expected to pay for the child’s needs, including food, clothing, school, and health care, based on the father’s standard of living. [Let the person with money spend what he can afford, and let the person with little money spend what Allah has given him. Allah doesn’t make anyone carry more than what He has given them. After a hard time, Allah will soon make things better.

The Qur’an also says that children can inherit from the moment they are born.

Equal rights and fairness between children Muslims who fear Allah and want to please Him should treat all their children equally. Justice, especially social justice, is a big part of Islam. This is because Islam was revealed when there wasn’t enough justice. The teachings and rules of Islam brought fairness back to the tribal societies of the time. Muslims who truly fear Allah and want to please Him should treat all their children the same and not favor one over the others in how much they spend, treat them, or what gifts they get. Children are a gift from Allah. To show gratitude to Allah for this gift, parents should do what Allah told them to do for their children.

The opportunity of learning the Quran through a Quran teacher

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