How Is AI Transforming the Telecommunication Industry

How Is AI Transforming the Telecommunication Industry

Telecommunication is not the first industry that has been revolutionized by artificial intelligence. In fact, AI in telecom has become a global trend in the market today. Whether we talk about using custom AI solutions in enhancing network operations or using chatbots in customer service, artificial telecom intelligence has benefited businesses in many ways.

As per a finding, 90% of the operators agreed that implementing AI in telecom enhances the network services. Out of those, almost 60% have already applied AI in their network operations. Additionally, 58% of the business are implementing ML/AI on a large scale.

Still not convinced? Don’t worry; we have got you covered! In today’s blog, we will discuss the top ways AI benefits the telecom industry. Read our blog till last to know more!

Benefits of AI in Telecom

1. Enhances the Customer Services

AI’s first and foremost benefit in telecom is enhancing customer services. There is no doubt that with the advances in major AI applications like RPA, and machine learning, chatbots have advanced significantly. Once were used only to answer certain questions in a machinable form, which has replaced the humans and made customer service operations a piece of cake.

AI in telecom has made it possible for chatbots to answer all the customer queries in real-time by integrating with the website and receiving several customer inputs quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, chatbots are also being used to answer the calls and route the customer inquiries to a specific person/operator. Additionally, many companies are using custom chatbots to automate their email sending process and encourage self-service in businesses.

2. Growth in Sales and Customer Experience

Another excellent benefit of AI in telecom is better sales and revenues. We all know that customers are the king. They are the very user of your services, and if they find any issue accessing your products/services, everything is in vain. However, customer services enhance significantly with intelligent AI tools like chatbots and RPA. Custom AI network management solutions have considerably improved the network operations for many businesses.

These solutions offer an analytics hub, advanced chatbots, and an unsupervised machine learning experience that enables the system to detect and resolve all the network glitches by itself. Not only that, but AI in telecom also helps businesses to understand the spending and growth patterns. That way, the overall expenditure reduces, increasing customer satisfaction and sales.

3. Increased Brand Value

As discussed above, with the increase in customer satisfaction, the organization’s overall brand value increases exponentially. Implementing an AI-based network management solution in your business helps you deliver an excellent customer experience and helps to raise the standard of your services to great heights.

Smart AI solutions automate your customer inquiry processes, providing satisfactory answers to all their queries in no time. Furthermore, with the capability of resolving all the network issues alone, AI solutions further help you stand apart from the rest of the crowd. Hence, implementing AI in telecom is always a better deal!

4. Removes Network Friction

It is no doubt that network operators often face many problems in handling the network issues, too, when the connections are in remote areas. Those tedious network management tasks require much time and resources for rectification. That’s where AI in telecom comes to play!

Not many know, but with advanced RPA solutions, the tedious and time-consuming network operations could be simplified seamlessly. The smart ML algorithms and advanced RPA services make the existing systems smart; hence, they replace humans and automate all the work. That means the companies using AI in their business need not rely on their human resources to fix the network issues. You could achieve that with AI solutions.

5. Revival-ready Workforce

Finally, we have another amazing benefit of AI in telecom: a future-ready workforce. When you implement AI-based solutions in your business, all your employees get relieved from tedious tasks. Not only that, but they also get versed with smart AI solutions and their work.

Hence, with AI in telecom, you will not only be able to achieve business intelligence but will even have a future-ready workforce well-versed with smart solutions. Even your employees could focus on more crucial tasks as most of the operations will be handled by AI solutions.

Top Use Cases of AI in Telecom

Here are some of the popular use-cases of AI in telecom that make network management an easier task than ever. Try to include at least 1 to 2 of these in your business for smooth and efficient network operations.

Network Management

Optimizing the networks is the first and foremost application of AI in telecom. Network management systems have long been used by many businesses, irrespective of their sizes. However, including AI in network management is a new trend today. As per a report, almost 63.5% of the operators have used AI to enhance their infrastructure and customer services.

With AI, the network operators seamlessly get all the information about the issues arising in networks and the solutions to those problems. Not only that, but with advanced machine learning capabilities, these AI-based network management systems can predict the patterns of the network issues in specific areas, thereby helping the operators fix the glitches before they impact the customers.

Virtual Assistance

Another excellent application of AI in telecom is the virtual assistant. Undoubtedly, AI has successfully empowered many of the leading sectors of the global market, and telecom is no exception. With advanced chatbots and smart RPA services, the telecom industry is touching great heights today.

With amazing functionalities like conversational AI, NLP-based chatbots, and business intelligence modules, many businesses are today experiencing a new level of assistance. The benefits of AI applications are so huge that, per a report, these AI-based applications are projected to cut down business expenses by almost $8 billion by 2022. These advanced virtual assistants’ features include voice recognition, speech translation, and automated answers.

RPA for Automated Operations

As discussed earlier in this blog, RPA has been extensively used by many leading businesses today to enhance network management operations and automate their businesses. Unsurprisingly, even though human resources work, they often experience some errors. Now think that the telecom companies often deal with thousands of clients in one day. Hence, calculating the total loss due to such small human errors may cost a big sum.

That’s where RPA comes to play! With RPA, the businesses need not have dedicated resources to handle all the customer queries and intensive calculations. RPA solutions handle all the tedious work, making the business profitable and reliable. At least, that’s what the stats say! As per Deloitte, 40% of Telecom executives agreed they had garnered “substantial” benefits from implementing RPA in their businesses.

Automated Maintenance

Lastly, we have predictive maintenance as an excellent application of AI in telecom. AI-driven solutions offer predictive analysis features for businesses to detect future issues using smart ML algorithms. The advanced machine learning solutions understand and analyze the historical data, helping the telecom operators rectify the glitches before they negatively impact the customers.

That means the operators today can seamlessly anticipate the issues well in advance and monitor and fix the problems related to hardware like towers, power lines, servers, and much more. Not only that, but the companies can even leverage custom AI solutions to design automated drones that can monitor the remote areas requiring network remediation.

Final Takeaway!

To conclude, AI today has become a prominent part of almost all the major and even the minor sectors of the global market, and telecom is no exception. Whether we talk about handling all the network glitches themselves or enhancing the customer experience by answering their questions in real-time and without any human intervention, AI has everything.

That’s why AI in telecom has today become the most promising aspects that companies are leveraging. Hence, actively investing in custom AI solutions is necessary if you also aim to become the best in your market niche. So, find the perfect AI software development company and begin with your AI solutions development.

Till then, Happy Reading!

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