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How Frequently Should Your Carpets Be Cleaned?

Carpet Cleaning Near Me Princeton NJ – How Frequently Should Your Carpets Be Cleaned?

As the largest décor item in your living space, your carpet’s condition has a significant impact on the appearance of your interior. Naturally, you’d want to keep it spotless and free of allergens such as dust, odor, and other contaminants. Additionally, because your carpet is a significant investment, you want to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

To keep your carpet looking fresh and performing optimally, you must adhere to a regular cleaning schedule. Professional deep cleaning of your carpet is an excellent way to remove dirt, dust, residues, and allergens that accumulate on/in your carpet over time.

However, how frequently should you clean your carpet? This varies according to a variety of factors. Some homes require carpet cleaning every three to six months, others every six to twelve months, and still others require professional deep cleaning every 12 to 18 months. Therefore, if you’re wondering how frequently you should have your carpets professionally cleaned, consider the following factors.

  • If you vacuum on a regular basis

Regular vacuuming – approximately once a week – will increase the durability of your carpet. Vacuuming removes loose particles from the surface of your carpet before they sink deeper and begin abrading the carpet fibers. Regular vacuuming can help you avoid the need for professional cleaning for an extended period of time.

Regardless of how frequently you vacuum, you will eventually require professional deep carpet cleaning. Therefore, if you haven’t hired a professional to clean your carpet in a long time, now is probably the best time to do so.

  • Asthma is a condition that you or someone in your family has.

As a filter, your home carpet picks up allergens and dust that float around your home. Over time, dust and allergens will build up in the fibers of your carpet. When someone walks across the carpet, the dust and allergens will be released into the air again. So if someone in your home has allergies, you’ll need to have your carpets cleaned by a professional every 4 to 6 months to keep your home healthy and reduce the symptoms of allergies.

  • If You Let Your Pets Walk on the Carpet

It’s a good idea to clean your home every few days if you have pets. Pets can also spread feces, vomit, or urine on your carpet. They can also bring dirt from outside. Even the best-trained pets can sometimes make a mess. Soon or later, your carpet will start to show ugly stains and smell bad. This is a good thing, because regular carpet cleaning will help to get rid of the smell and remove the stains.


  • Do you have any kids?

It’s true that kids are cute and everyone loves them, but to be honest, they can make a mess on your carpet. You should clean your carpet when you have kids based on how strict you are about them not putting food and drinks on the carpet. When kids wear shoes or color and paint in the house, Cosmo Carpet Cleaning says you might need to have your carpet cleaned every six months.

  • What color is your carpet?

If you have a light-colored carpet, you know how good they are at revealing stains and dirt. If you want to keep your bright-colored carpet looking clean, you’ll need to clean it more often than if you had dark carpet. You, on the other hand, don’t have to stay away from dark, light-colored carpets. After all, they’re great for brightening up living spaces and letting you see dirt before it gets too bad.

  • Do you let your shoes on the carpet?

When people walk around on their shoes, they pick up dirt and small pieces of grit. This can cause your carpet fibers to wear out much faster. It gets dirty and clogged up more when there are more people in the house. So, to keep the grit and dirt from causing permanent damage, they should be cleaned off from time to time. Professional cleaning should be done every six months.


It’s time to figure out how often you should hire someone to clean your carpet. How often you clean your home will depend on the above-mentioned factors. The general rule is that you should have it cleaned by a professional every 6-12 months. If your living space is full of dust, allergens, dirt, and stains, you might want to have it cleaned more often.


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