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How Content Marketing Can Enhance Your Organic Traffic?

Digital marketing is one of the essential components of the online business world. The content marketing plays a significant role in the success of digital marketing. It would be an exaggerated statement if we say that content marketing in the modern era is the backbone of digital businesses. This post will explore what content marketing actually is, how it enhances organic traffic and benefits the marketers, and what are the most effective methods of content marketing widely used in the online business realm.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that involves planning, creating, distributing, sharing, publishing, and promoting content on different digital mediums (Baltes, 2015). The central goal of content marketing is to make your audience aware of your services and products. When the audience interacts with the content, written for marketing purposes, it acts as hypnotism. It plays with the audience’s fears, needs, and desires and gives them a call to action. Content marketing strengthens customer-business relationships.

The demand for content writers who have expertise in this domain has been increasing day by day due to the huge need for proficient and compelling content for marketing that can help marketers grab their target audience and enhance their website traffic. A great number of individuals who possess exceptional writing skills are pursuing this field as their profession and providing content writing services on digital platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr, to make huge profits. 

How Content Marketing Enhance Your Organic Traffic


Following are the factors concerning content marketing that enhances the organic traffic of your website.

  • Get You to the Top Google Ranking

A well-researched, well-written, logical, interesting, and compelling marketing content ranks your website higher on Google. Though Google has strict criteria that your business website must match to appear at the top of Google searches, you can hit that criterion by following excellence in content marketing. Google focuses on EAT model to rank to a website on top, i.e. Expertise, Authority, and Trust

So, if your content matches your expertise, reflects your authority and you hold customers’ trust, then nothing can stop you to raise your position on the scale. Thus, when you will appear in the Google top searches automatically the organic traffic will be increased. 

  • Engage a Wide Audience

Content marketing hits the fears of the target audience and emphasizes upon them the needs of a certain service or product. For example, academic writing service providers make students believe that if they would not get their services, they may lose their grades or fail the semester. This is how content marketing works. In this way, interesting content engages a wider audience and ultimately increases traffic.

  • Enhance Customer Loyalty

Content has the ability to build your trust among your customers and retain a trustworthy relationship with them for so long. The sales copies, website blogs, and articles play a great role in making your brand reliable for the customers. 

Once a customer comes to you through content marketing then the quality of your services or product will decide how long he will stay with you. But content marketing is that basic tool that opens the first door to welcome the customers and raise your position on Google. 

  • Generate Referrals

Loyal customers generate referrals. The customers whom you retain through your content marketing, discuss your services and share their experience with your brand in their social circle, i.e. their friends and acquaintances, which means free promotion. Further, when you use social media posts for content marketing, your customers react to it and share it on their timelines; thus, it also boosts your business identity and enhances your organic traffic.

Different Methods of Content Marketing

Following are some of the basic tools/methods widely used all over the globe for content marketing and effectively rules that marketing world. 

  • SEO Practice

Search engine optimization tools are used for content marketing that includes:

  • Keywords adjustment – These keywords are basically the search terms that the content marketers use in their content to rank their websites on Google. AI helps marketers to find the most popular keywords (bestassignmentwriters, 2020).
  • Backlinking – The content marketers find such websites that already have organic traffic and write forums and blog comments on those websites. They enter their keyword and link their own websites in their comments that can push the traffic of the selected website towards theirs. 
  • Website Content

Web content is the content that is published on your business website. This content is also used for marketing purposes. You can find such content on:

  • ‘About’ pages – the page that introduces your business to the audience. 
  • Copywriting – It is the sales copy that directly promotes your services and products and persuades the audience to choose your brand. It compromises your special features, prices, discount offers, and much more.
  • Website blogs and articles – These appear on your own website. Such blogs and articles are always relevant to the industry your brand belongs to. This type of content reflects your expertise.
  • EBook Writing

EBook writing is another big tool of content marketing. Big businesses outsource eBook writing for the purpose of brand promotion and lead generation. These eBooks address industry-related topics and are based on technical research having facts and statistics. These eBooks under the trademark of the brand, contribute to the enhancement of organic traffic. 

  • Email Lead Generation

Marketers through email, teach the target audience about the business and promote the brand by giving the customers exciting offers. 

For example, if you use LinkedIn, you must know that when you create an account, it keeps giving you a notification and sending you emails to upgrade your account to the premium version. These emails outline the benefits of being a premium LinkedIn user. This is how content marketing through emails increases your worth and boosts your organic traffic. 

  • Social Media Posts

Social media popularity is one of the key elements for brand recognition. Marketers spread marketing content through social media posts and advertisements to reach out wide audience grab people’s attention. The more people a business attracts and benefits, the greater it becomes in authority. Organic traffic would be the ultimate result. 


The above-discussed are the most comprehensive details about the written content used for marketing. However, content marketing doesn’t only involve written content but it also includes video content, animation, and graphics that are used to attract customers through colors and motion. Video content also possesses significant value in the marketing world and effectively adds to the organic traffic. 


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