How can Pakistan Overcome its Unemployment Problem?

How can Pakistan overcome its unemployment problem?


Lexus 570 price in Pakistan. The main cause of unemployment in Pakistan. It is a waste of resources on a large scale.


As a result, the income of the people decreases.


Due to Pakistan’s high unemployment rate. Many crimes are committed.


In spite of their education. Many people are idle. Because they cannot find a job. Not even clerk jobs, jobs in offices. Or jobs in schools.


Unemployment is large. Due to the depressing education system. Run by the government.


Parents today spend a lot of money. On the education of their children. But jobs are scarce and indefinable.


Because they are busy filling their own pockets. With the money of the Pakistani people. The government does not seem to. They are doing anything. About the unemployment issue in Pakistan.


Despite the fact. That unemployment in Pakistan. It has a variety of causes. The following are the major ones:


The education system is poor


Pakistan has a very poor system of education. It is unfortunate that. None of the governments. It has taken worthwhile steps to improve education.


The education system in our country. It is very poor. Most of the population lacks education.


Due to the unfair educational system. Talented students leave university. Use Lexus 570 price in Pakistan.


Many educational institutions. Just sell diplomas. Which have no value. Since students gain no skills. They wonder about getting a good job. Which isn’t always possible.


The population has grown


Pakistan has a very large population. Which is expected to grow by 2.2 percent per year.


A huge population makes it impossible. For the government to provide employment.


We have plenty of natural resources. In our country. But it is so strange to learn. That we are experiencing an energy crisis.


Technical and skilled labor is lacking. So the resources cannot be tapped.


High Retirement Age


Because of the retirement age. It is so high, i.e. 60 years old. Many deserving individuals are waiting for jobs.


There is a direct correlation. Between the government and unemployment


There are no industries


Another reason for unemployment in Pakistan. It is the lack of growth in industries.


In developing countries. Such as Pakistan. A shortage of capital. It is a major contributing factor to unemployment. Take Lexus 570 price in Pakistan


Little investment leads. It leads to little capital formation as a result.


Pakistan’s unemployment problem is acute.


In order to solve it, wise leadership is required.


We must face it swiftly. It is wise. That if we are to avoid a social revolution.


Creating nominal employment. Government action is counterproductive. Since it pulls resources from productive sectors.


There is a higher likelihood. That is the generating of national income. Generating direct and indirect employment opportunities in places like this.  Everyone can use Lexus 570 price in Pakistan


Sifraish is the cause of present unemployment.


Those with “safarish” easily land jobs of their choice. While the deserving candidates go unemployed.


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