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The Best Tools To Scrape Contact Information From LinkedIn Profiles

How Can I Download LinkedIn Profiles Data?

Why LinkedIn Is The Best For Business Businesses And Employees?

For people who are looking for people online for various purposes such as business, marketing, selling, or networking. LinkedIn is one of the best social networking sites that you can tap into. Every social media features millions of users who are also looking for people. Some may be looking for employment or business opportunities. Therefore, it’s time to make use of these great tools to accomplish what you want. It is free and is very easy to sign up, as long as you are using your real data. You can get data from LinkedIn with LinkedIn Lead Extractor.

Why LinkedIn Is a Very Special Web Scraping?

LinkedIn is a very special social networking site. What sets it apart from other sites such as Facebook and Twitter is that it is very focused on financial matters such as employment and business. Therefore, it is the favorite site for business owners and job seekers. Like Facebook, LinkedIn also allows you to see various contact information about your contacts, including personal email addresses and phone numbers. LinkedIn also offers more professional applications that facilitate communication and networking between users.

How Can I Download Contact Details From LinkedIn Profiles?

There are two ways to find information from LinkedIn profiles.

  1. Find Data Manually

You can find data manually by searching for the use user by name on LinkedIn. When you find contacts that fit your requirements, it’s time to use paper and pen to take down their name and contact information, as well as what is it they have that you want. Once you write down enough contacts and have decided to get their attention, the best way is to call them up. Before you make your call, send them a message on LinkedIn, so that they would not be so surprised by a call from a stranger. Tell them why you are calling them. During the call, fix an appointment to meet up to discuss serious stuff. Then, you are soon on your way to accomplishing your goals.

  1. Find Data Automatically With Tools

The second way is best, fastest, and easiest to find bulk data from LinkedIn profiles. For this purpose, you need the best LinkedIn scraper software. A LinkedIn Lead Extractor takes username, zip code, profile URL, and location as input to find data from LinkedIn. After that, the software will automatically find all the results for your given instructions. Then, the LinkedIn data export tool extracts data from LinkedIn search results and exports them in CSV, Excel, or Text files for marketing use.

What Is The Best Tool To Collect Data From LinkedIn Profiles?

There has been an explosion of software/tools for scraping leads from LinkedIn profiles. Many of those tools are called “LinkedIn scrapers” “LinkedIn Lead Generators” because what they do is scrape the names, web addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, or other pertinent information present in the LinkedIn profiles.

According to the LinkedIn Terms of the Service (TOS), scraping of their website pages is not allowed if it is not communicated to the LinkedIn platform. However, LinkedIn allows users to scrape publicly available data from LinkedIn profiles by using LinkedIn scraping tools.

The Best Tools To Extract Data From LinkedIn Profiles

Most of the new software programs use web scraping technology to get leads from LinkedIn. They do this by searching for users related to the user’s niche markets and capturing their basic information, such as user name, email, phone number, and website address, all of which can be stored in Excel files for later analysis. These new software systems scrape only publicly available information from LinkedIn profiles, so it is a completely legal task. These tools are described below with a brief description.

  1. LinkedIn Lead Extractor

This software is made especially for those who want to collect data from LinkedIn profiles automatically without writing a single line of code. LinkedIn Contact Extractor finds data by name, zip code, skills, experience, and profile URL. LinkedIn Leads Finder will export all the extracted data in CSV, Excel, and Text files for later use. Its price is just 59.99$ for 3 months. So, it is very affordable and the best tool for scraping leads from LinkedIn profiles.

  1. LinkedIn Company Extractor

LinkedIn Company Scraper is specially built for business owners, freelancers, and b2b marketers as it finds and scrapes business data from LinkedIn business profiles. Profile Extractor LinkedIn is a web scraping tool that you can use to automatically extract business contact details, including name, address, phone number, and email from LinkedIn business profiles. With this tool, you can build a targeted b2b email and phone number list of business owners 20 times faster. You can check and remove duplicate data. The extracted contact details from LinkedIn business profiles can be saved into an Excel file with just a click.

Final Thoughts:

LinkedIn scraping is the best method of getting real and valid contact information for marketing purposes. These tools can help you to get targeted profile information from LinkedIn in minutes and you can connect with your targeted customer and boost your business.

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