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How Can Contact Centers Help Maximize Sales For Retail Enterprises?

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the focus of traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores to online shopping platforms. Businesses have now realized that digital platforms have begun to dominate the entire market and are expected to influence the future market as well. As a result, retailers have been forced to look for innovative way-outs that can contribute to maximizing sales and generating high revenue. One of their finest approaches in this regard is to opt for retail BPO services.

Studies have proven that contact centers can help online retailers and ecommerce businesses deliver satisfactory experiences to customers. This, in turn, encourages customers to stay engaged with these brands, offer opinions, and make multiple purchases. Here’s how contact center agents help businesses to boost their sales.

  1. Positive omnichannel engagement:

    Modern contact centers enable customers to communicate with agents across various communication channels. They prioritize omnichannel engagement, allowing customers to interact with agents over social media, email, live chat, text message, etc. This entices customers to stay connected with brands that give them the benefit of communicating across different popular mediums.

    What makes them different from traditional contact centers is that customers can move between communication mediums seamlessly without needing to repeat information and explain their issues from the beginning each time they interact with a new agent. As a result, customers feel valued at connecting with such brands, thereby preferring these outlets for their future purchases.

  2. Multilingual support:

    Omnichannel engagement is definitely key to driving sales for businesses. However, you can also witness significant growth by teaming up with contact centers that offer multilingual support. The best thing about these contact centers is that customers get the flexibility to use their native languages during communication with agents.

    Whether it is about raising a query or any issue, customers can easily express their concerns to agents in their own language and expect that agents have a better understanding. Additionally, this provides them an assurance that their issues will get resolved within a short period of time. As a result, companies offering multilingual support can attain high customer satisfaction and better engagement rates.

    Moreover, studies have proven that businesses reaching out to well-featured contact centers can operate globally without issue. This is because the multilingual customer support team is always ready to have seamless interactions with customers using local languages. Since serving global customers is easier with this contact center solution, driving high revenue becomes stress-free for businesses. Therefore, investments in retail BPO services outsourcing are worth every penny if you are looking for the best way to maximize sales.

  3. Cross-selling and upselling:

    Contact centers are not just for seamless interactions; they also help businesses with their cross-selling and upselling activities. Many online retail and ecommerce brands practice cross-selling and upselling to increase their sales and gain higher revenue in return. However, it is not always possible for all to meet desired objectives even after appointing trained agents for the job. This is when they look for professional outsourced agencies that have efficient and expert agents that can deliver proficient cross-selling and upselling services.

    Experts say that a successful cross-selling or upselling practice can bring 30%-40% additional sales. These experts have also added that these practices bring results only when customers find the brand and its products reliable to make multiple purchases. As a result, customer support agencies pay more attention to building customer loyalty before cross-selling and upselling. Once businesses are satisfied with their customer base, they use the latest techniques to cross-sell and upsell products. Definitely, it’s another most effective way to help a business experience a constant flow in its revenue.

  4. Minimizing wait times:

    Customers do not appreciate businesses that keep them waiting on customer support calls for long durations. Even for offline shopping, customer behavior remains the same – customers hate it when there are unnecessary delays in customer service. According to research conducted recently, customers are more likely to engage with brands and continue shopping only when they have personalized experiences and instant responses. This is a key reason that makes retailers seriously consider BPO services for ecommerce.

    Contact centers work on their strategies to minimize wait times and improve first contact resolution rates. This reduces the frustration level of customers and eventually mitigates the risk of losing customers. Such approaches make customers feel more attached to the brand, which in turn stimulates their interest in shopping with the brand again.

In-house or outsource – Which contact centers can help maximize retail sales?

Undoubtedly, BPO services for eCommerce and retail stores are pretty much effective. These help enterprises meet customer expectations, generate seamless interactions, and build high customer satisfaction. As a result, companies get the privilege to witness a huge percentage of sales and an impressive turnover.

Despite knowing the benefits of retail contact center outsourcing, many retailers think about an in-house customer support setup. This is because in-house customer services lower security concerns and simultaneously increase your control over the team. However, you just can’t ignore the fact that these in-house services can often be too expensive in comparison to retail BPO services outsourcing. Therefore, it is always better to check out your budget before coming to a conclusion.

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