call center quality assurance software
call center quality assurance software

How a Call Center Quality Assurance Software Can Make Your Operation Easy

Monitoring the quality of your call center operation should be a priority. For a long, organizations have been practicing the manual form of quality assurance, with QA agents monitoring just 2-3% of all the calls. This does take a toll on time consumption and output quality since there are always chances of quality dips. On the other hand, organizations have more control over their output quality with modern-day call center quality assurance software. This is because such software offers a complete quality solution by monitoring 100% of the calls, reducing the chances of any quality escalations.


We are here to learn more about how call center QA software can make quality operations easy for your organization.


  • Ability to Identify Goals


Using a purpose-built solution establishes your customer-facing strategies. You can use ongoing data to align with your business goals. Set quality goals for the call center too. Create a monitoring scorecard and set relevant metrics and parameters for scorecard development.


Purpose-built quality assurance allows you to set up as many different scorecards as possible. Analyze contacts for customer experience input. Monitor quality scorecards for relevant adjustments. Quality assurance is crucial for acquiring new customers and reducing churn in the existing customers.


  • Manage and Identify Customer Feedback


Customer feedback can be the lifeblood of call centers. Consistent and constant customer feedback helps companies detect problems and work on solving them before they become a major issue. Some metrics, such as NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CSAT, help organizations determine customer satisfaction. The most effective way to do this is to ask for their feedback from the customers and open up a dialogue about what they like or don’t like about your product offering and customer support representatives.


Consider asking customers to fill in a short survey after every communication or interaction or end every call with a question about how the representative did it and what they would need to improve next time. Artificial intelligence & machine learning can help identify why customers contact you and how they feel about their communication. It can help your organization make better and quicker decisions by revealing the aspects that matter to your customers most and the volume and trend of customer queries and problems.


  • Get Your Quality Processes from Start to Finish


A QA system provides a framework for quality assurance management to take action on every insight. They are designed to work with all quality processes to discover patterns and highlight trends that will lead to more informed business decisions based on real-time insight.


  • Use Artificial Intelligence to Manage Your Search and Case Selection


AI dramatically increase the volume of customer interactions that could be analyzed. One of the biggest struggles for contact center quality assurance software is the minimal interactions with customers and prospects that could be monitored. Moreover, quality assurance managers are usually forced to select a few random calls to try and get quality insight because they cannot analyze all text conversations, emails, calls, and help tickets.


Artificial intelligence text analytics can automatically analyze 100% of all text-based conversations through NLP (natural language processing). This allows quality assurance agents to extract insights on topics, customer sentiments, and trends without manual effort.


  • Measurement


You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Call center quality assurance software solutions offer a greater extent of data than add-on versions. As a result, your organization can spot trends and identify gaps in training with ease.


An automated call center quality assurance reporting tool provides an easy-to-access dashboard, personalization of data points and timelines, real-time analysis, and even automatic submission of reports to contact center management. Real-time data and simple dashboard access are crucial for call center productivity and the achievement of business goals.


Work on continuous improvement. Implement constant changes by consolidating customer feedback, agent training, and even coaching plans. Develop and maintain evaluation forms regarding your quality assurance process to measure call center QA scores. The forms should identify important business and call center goals, map the plans to KPIs, and include a performance scorecard that can allow you to score agents against specific metrics.


The QA forms aim to improve the contact center quality assurance process consistently by monitoring what is working well and what is not. External benchmarking is also essential to measure your contact center performance against your competitors.


Summing Up


Monitoring call center quality with automation has become extremely important. The biggest reason behind this preference is 100% call monitoring to ensure that the quality reports are completely accurate. Such call center quality assurance software can provide reports on agent performance. Along with that, these can also analyze market trends and customer behavioral patterns.


So, if you have not considered it already, it’s time to take a free trial for a contact center quality assurance software today.

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