Hotels in Musselburgh, the Historic Scottish Town

The Historic Town of Musselburgh, Scotland

The town of Musselburgh competes with many other towns in Scotland for the title of the oldest town in the country. A splendid, green town with a strong tinge of history, Musselburgh is the perfect spot for a holiday vacation. The grasslands of Scotland combined with the River Esk mesmerize the tourists with their beauty. For these travellers, locals have opened many hotels in Musselburgh.

What is Musselburgh Famous For

A historic town in East Lothian, Musselburgh is well-known for its ancient bridges, racecourse, and golf. But the town’s fame does not solely depend on these three factors. It is an overall historic town with a market built in the 12th century, the Musselburgh Racecourse in 1816, and the Roman Bridge built by the Romans after their invasion of Scotland. There are also hotels in Musselburgh, Scotland which provide exceptional standards of comfort and relief.

What Makes Musselburgh Worth-Visiting

There are a huge number of attractions for tourists looking to visit the town. Most of these attractions have a deep connection with history. Long ago, the town was invaded by the Romans. Since then, every ruling elite has contributed to its aesthetic.

The oldest artefact of the town is also connected with the Romans and it is the Roman Bridge. It is an enchanting sight, the ancient bridge still standing in all its glory over a grassland.

Then there is the scenic River Esk. A gorgeous waterbody with swans floating over it. Just north of the Roman Bridge stands the New Bridge above the River Esk.

Built more than two centuries ago in 1806, the New Bridge illuminates the overall view of the river. If one was to capture a frame of the river and the bridge, one would also notice the pleasant historical buildings in the background.

The bridge saga does not just end there. Musselburgh has other bridges as well apart from the ones mentioned above. The odd but impressive Electric Bridge is yet another addition to the town’s bridges. 

Musselburgh also comprises many brilliant pieces of architecture. For example, the 18th-century Newhails house built by Sir David Dalrymple is an artistic piece of work. Another example is the Tolbooth in the High Street. Built around 1590, it is one of the oldest buildings in Scotland and also has bewitching architecture. 

Hotels in Musselburgh

There are numerous options when it comes to the hunt for hotels in Musselburgh. All these hotels have high standards and provide a high level of comfort for tourists. However, it might take you a long time to search for a suitable hotel. So why not hunt for hotels in Musselburgh with Hunt Hotels! 

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