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Here are some amazing false ceiling designs for bedroom

False ceilings give a unique and magnificent look to any room. Often people ignore the ceilings while decorating a house or workplace. Mostly there will be a lot of focus on the walls and other areas. A stylish false ceiling design for a bedroom can transform the entire look of a bedroom.  False ceilings are also called dropped or suspended ceilings.  False ceiling designs are commonly created with POP or using gypsum. We have listed some wonderful false ceiling designs which can be incorporated into your house.

Let us look at some stunning false ceiling designs to transform the look of the bedroom

  1. False ceiling design for bedrooms with beautiful carving – exquisite carvings have been widely used in Indian architecture. Why not use them to transform your bedroom design? A false ceiling design with fine carvings will give a luxurious look to your room.


  1. False ceiling design with LED strip lights – Many people go in for layered ceilings. Add LED strip lights which will illuminate the whole room and also provide a stunning effect. False ceiling designs will give the whole room consistent lighting or you can even put mood lighting.


  1. Random shapes – Go in for asymmetrical false ceiling designs for the bedrooms. They will provide a very different look from the usual designs. Match the contemporary false ceiling design for the bedroom with the wooden floor.

False Ceiling Design Ideas For Bedroom


  1. Use wallpapers on the ceiling – Most people don’t use wallpapers when it comes to false ceiling designs.  Wallpapers are mostly used on the walls for decoration. However, use it where it is not expected and see your ceiling transform into a piece of art. Use your creativity and go ahead with any design of your choice from flowers, clouds, and other patterns.


  1. Geometric designs – Go for a geometric false ceiling design in the children’s study room. A variety of geometric shapes from triangles to ovals can be used to create stunning designs.


  1. Put a chandelier – Place a magnificent chandelier in the middle of the ceiling and make sure to sure put a circular design around it for creating a focal point.



False ceiling designs for bedrooms have become a very popular choice with homeowners in recent times. They instantly elevate a simple ceiling.   A false ceiling is a second ceiling that is installed below the original ceiling with the help of a wooden or a metal frame.  False ceiling designs can be incorporated in a variety of different ways. It will add a character to the bedroom. The false ceiling offers functionality apart from just adding an aesthetic appeal to the room. It can be used to hide cables, AC units, lighting and even to control the temperature of the room.  There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to false ceilings. Choose from the best false ceiling designs that we have compiled for you to make the best choice for your home.

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