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Guide To Understanding Your HVAC System The Easy Way

With the summer arriving at such a fast pace, it is about time that we all start preparing for it. Gearing up doesn’t only mean buying summer clothes. But it is also essential to review whether the HVAC system is working properly or not. Undoubtedly global warming is turning every weather strange with each passing year. It would be hardly any news to see the summer turning extreme.

Suppose you wish to sleep peacefully at night and spend the hot afternoons in a comfortable indoor environment. Then you must start paying attention to HVAC maintenance. You can take certain steps and do a check at home. But by getting a professional checkup through an HVAC preventive maintenance contract, your system would be set for years, even if it’s biannual or annual.

Let’s look at all the important aspects that everyone should know about their HVAC units:

The Best Option

You don’t have to buy without deciding when it comes to cooling units. A central air conditioning system works great for cooling the entire home. It has an external condenser unit that remains outside the house. The evaporator coil has a vital role in cooling indoor air. The air moves across the evaporator coil and cools down the air. And the air handle alongside the fan assists in blowing the air through the ductwork. The central air conditioners use an air handler fan or furnace to bring in the warm air. The refrigerant pumps towards the condenser pulling the heat to the outside.

A central air conditioner offers a cool environment to the entire house. While cooling the refrigerant, the whole process takes place all over again, keeping the inside of the room cool. It is undoubtedly a cost-effective solution. Other options for a cooling unit are Ductless Mini-Split, Portable Air Conditioner, Floor Mounted Air Conditioner, and Window Air Conditioner.

Split Central Air Conditioners and Packaged Central Air Conditioners


You can easily find the Split Central Air Conditioner. As the most popular AC system, it distributes the air through the ductwork. The outside unit allows the air to move outside. The air cools that creates via the refrigerant with the help of a furnace blow revolves around the home. You can find the AC evaporator coils near the air handler or furnace. And you can set the temperature you desire with the use of a thermostat.

With a Packaged Central Air Conditioner, the condenser and the evaporator are present in the same unit. And therefore usually present outside. The warm air pumps from the home to the air conditioner, where it turns cool and goes back to the house.

What Is A Ductless Air Conditioner?


The purpose is to cool the room air and enables you to set the temperature as per your wish. As the name suggests, there is zero ductwork to spread the cool air. It consists of various indoor units or various heads to help cool the air. The units can be present on the ceiling, floor, or mounted on a wall.

Purpose Of A Heat Pump


Although the air conditioners have become quite different now, some still consist of a heat pump. It can move the heat in various directions. The system can perform as both an air conditioner and a heater. Therefore you wouldn’t need to use anything else throughout the year and the changing seasons. Interestingly, the heat pump behaves as an air conditioner and cools the room effectively. Regions where the climate is milder use heat pumps.

In contrast, it is best to consider a better option in areas where the temperature stays below freezing. For example, in Canada, you can find geothermal heat pumps. It takes the heat from the ground while a traditional heat pump extracts the air. The investment can be higher for the geothermal heat pump.

What Are Portable Air Conditioners


A windowless or portable air conditioner can move through different rooms. It needs venting to get rid of the hot air or moisture from the unit. The mobile air conditioning units can be present on the floor where the heat goes out through the window vent kit. The portable units tend to make greater noise compared to other air conditioning units. The evaporator fan is constantly working to evaporate the moisture inside the unit. If you need cooling in a small space, then Portable air conditioners are the best choice.

The output capacity ranges between 11,000 and 14,000 BTU. It works great if you place them in garages or computer rooms. The setup is not that difficult, and you can easily move it from one room to another. It also works great when removing the excess moisture from the air. However, you have to be ready so that the cooling capacity does not go too far. You can vent it through a sliding window, dropped ceiling, wall, or standard window.

Air Conditioner and Thermostat

When using an air conditioner with a smart thermostat, things turn quite convenient. A smart thermostat with time and continuous usage understands your needs and preferences. In turn, it is preventing you from receiving long energy bills. With the help of a mobile device, you can easily control the air conditioner.

Bob’s Heating and Air Conditioning Services


With their quality AC Repair and Service, you wouldn’t have to worry about expensive repairs. They have experts who possess the skills to offer high-grade AC Maintenance ServicesWhen it comes to HVAC Units choosing the right person for the job is highly critical. Experienced professionals know where to find the real issue residing in the system. They have the tools to check the equipment thoroughly. Moreover, you will be able to save time and effort while achieving a fruitful outcome.



During the scorching summer, we all rely on our heating systems. It is therefore vital to get HVAC Maintenance from experts. It will give you the cooling and comfort level you truly deserve. You can undoubtedly have a peaceful summer with sufficient knowledge and the right unit size.

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