smd screens
smd screens

Giant LED screens are a solution to be visible outdoors with many advantages

Outdoor communication is interesting because it allows you to reach a very large number of people from a single medium. There are also several solutions for communicating outdoors. Digital signage is one of the most impactful solutions thanks to motion and video.

However, among the dynamic display solutions, it is the SMD Screens that seem the most suitable for the outdoor environment because they have technical characteristics that allow them to resist and be visible in all circumstances.

At Winlight, we are a giant LED screen manufacturer. Our range of outdoor screens has an IP 65 certification as well as our security light system. A solution that automatically varies its intensity according to the ambient light. If you have any questions about giant LED screens or a project, do not hesitate to contact us.


Outdoors, the world is constantly in motion, and in urban areas billboards are omnipresent. It is therefore not always easy to get noticed. This is where screens make all the difference. First of all for their dynamic aspect. It is well known that movement attracts our gaze, thanks to our peripheral vision. In addition, LED screen technologies make it possible to offer a very good quality of contrast with vibrant colors. This makes it possible to highlight the visuals which are thus more attractive.

Finally, video content has become very popular in a few years. It is now present everywhere, around us, and accompanies us daily. This is why we are more easily drawn to video content than static images. It is for these reasons that the communication screen has a greater power of attraction than traditional display methods.


Digital signage has experienced rapid development in recent years. This should continue for those to come. It is therefore very likely that the presence of screens will be greater, including among the competition. However, this does not justify jumping at the first opportunity.

Investing in digital signage represents a budget with long-term results. It is important to take the time to set up your project to avoid mistakes. This thinking time will probably save you money later.

Identifying the ins and outs of the project will make it possible to anticipate the necessary completion time. Thus, it will be easier to integrate it into a business project by taking into account its seasonality. Indeed, the implementation of a giant screen project can take several months depending on its size.

This is why it is necessary to identify the timeline of the project and define its deadline. The implementation of a carefully considered project allows guaranteed success. As Jean de la Fontaine said, “there is no point in running, you have to arrive on time”.


Beyond the technical aspect, good use of dynamic display can be a source of considerable profits. We are all experts in a field and we all have a certain range of skills. However, being able to recognize its limits can simplify the implementation of a digital screen project.

It is then possible to have certain technical aspects managed by a better-informed person, be it a service provider, an employee, or a contact. We can then call on outside help for example for the implementation of a communication strategy, for its daily management, or the design of content. Admittedly, having recourse to other people can generate additional costs. However, in the long run, this can make the difference in performance, or management time for your business.

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