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Get Your 70+ On Demand Services In All In One Gojek Clone App Philippines

Gojek Clone App is a One-Stop-Stop Digital Platform where Users can shop anything and everything right from one place. Now, they no longer have to clutter their Smartphone’s Storage Space by Downloading, Installing and Registering with Hundred Different Apps that satiates only one Demand at a Time. 

They can Book Taxi Rides, Order Food and Groceries online with Doorstep Delivery, Transport and Logistics, hire a Professional Personal Shopper to run errands on behalf of the App User, schedule an appointment with a Doctor, Masseuse, Yoga Instructor and they can also hire Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers and Home Painters from the comforts of their Home.


KINGX 2022 is the Big Brother of the Multi-Service App like Gojek Philippines. It is very similar to Indonesia’s First Decacorn but it is Bigger and Better compared to Gojek. How?


1. Online Video Consultation

The App Users can now Book Instant Online Video Consultation Sessions with Doctors, Personal Academic Tutors, Yoga Instructors & Fitness Coaches, Psychiatrists and Lawyers. Once the App User has sent in a Request for an immediate Video Consultation with a Specialist of one’s choice and need, it is then up to the Specialist to Accept the Request and counsel the App User then and there. 

 However, if the Time Slot demanded by the App User clashes with the Official Working Hours of the Professional Consultant, then they might Reject the Immediate Video Call Request. However, they can inform the App User about the available Time Slots so that the App User can Schedule the Online Appointment for a Later Date and Time.

The App User can only pay using ones’ Credit Card only. After the end of the session, the Amount gets automatically deducted from the App Users’ Pre-Saved Credit Card. The App User cannot pay either in Cash or use the In-App Wallet Money to pay for the Online Video Consultation Charges.

2. Service Bidding 

The App User sends in Job Requests to Handyman Service Providers in one’s vicinity. Then waits for the interested Service Providers to either accept the Job Request. With the Stated Budget or send in their Bids that are higher than the App Users’ Budget. The App User gets notified that a handful of Service Providers are interested to Render the Service but they’ll do it at a higher price! This is where the negotiation starts and the App User finally closes the Deal with the Service Provider that is offering the Service at a reasonable Price and has gotten 5-Star Ratings and Reviews on the App.

Service Bidding is exclusive to Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Painters, Home Sanitization Experts & Disinfecting Agents.

This All-in-One-Services App asks the Users to fill in a Form. It includes information on the lines of Service Requested, Budget, Service-Location/Home Address, and Preferred Date & Time. And then the Job Request is sent out!

But the Powerful Gojek like App Philippines is a small shining Star next to the Blazing Sun KINGX 2022. Gojek Clone App is devoid of such Ground-breaking and Pioneering Features.


Gojek Clone App will help Sharp-Witted Entrepreneurs like you make Easy and Quick Money in an ethical way and that too in the shortest period possible! Do you want to run a Multi-Billion US Dollar Company? Have you always aspired to be an Entrepreneur? Then, immediately contact a Legit Licensed White-Labelling Firm and Go Live with your very own Business like Gojek in a record 7 Days!

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