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Get Completeness of Life in Orion Point: A Student Accommodation Southampton

Orion Point is the student accommodation Southampton that allows the students to make a balance between a luxurious, social and academic life. Here, the students find modern amenities and can commute to their university campuses easily. It will not be wrong to say that many students get the lifestyles according to their dreams in Orion Point.
Here, you will know some significant aspects of the student accommodation Southampton named “Orion Point”, which will help you in understanding this place in a better way.

Balance between Social and Academic Life

It is said that students can maintain a balance between social and academic life in Orion Point because universities are at an easy distance from here. Solent University can be reached within just three minutes on foot. Besides, you can reach the University of Southampton within 20 minutes by bus.
On the other hand, you are able to make a lot of friends inside Orion Point, which is why you can live a radiant social life.

Luxurious Life inside Orion Point

Another thing, which remains in equal balance with social life and academic life, is the luxurious life inside Orion Point. In this property, the students get a lot of things that not only give them a homely feel but also provide them luxuries that they might not have experienced before.
Here are the things that you can get inside Orion Point.

Luxury Student Accommodation Types

There are two types of accommodations available in Orion Point, which are studios and ensuite rooms. The ensuite rooms have further two subtypes that are premium range 1 ensuite and classic ensuite. The studios are available in only one type, i.e., premium range 1 studio.
Both these types of accommodations have fully-fitted kitchens, bathrooms, and showers. You find a vacuum cleaner for cleaning, a television for entertainment & news, and a lot more inside your rooms or studios.
More amenities inside the rooms can be read in some of the further points.

Fully-Fitted Kitchens

The fully-fitted kitchens of the above-mentioned types of accommodations comprise the amenities that make it easier to prepare and store the meals. In a kitchen, you can find a microwave and oven for cooking and heating the food. You also find a fridge/freezer for cold storage as well as for preparing ice and ice cream. Moreover, there is a cooking hob and a coffee-table breakfast bar.

Arrangement of Disturbance-Free Studies

Being a student, it is quite obvious that you need a space where you can do your studies and prepare for your exams without any disturbance.
In every studio or room, the students find a study chair and table. Moreover, there is also a study room, in which the students can do the study in peace.

Storage Spaces for Keeping Different Assets

There are storage spaces available at the property and inside the rooms where you can keep your valuable as well as basic assets safe. In Orion Point, you find a bicycle storage space. So, if you keep a bicycle, you can place it in this space and keep it safe.
Moreover, you find ample storage space inside your rooms or studios to keep your belongings. There is a wardrobe inside every room or studio where you can keep your clothes. In addition, the under-bed storage space is also available to keep more of your assets.


The car-parking area could also be found at this property. So, you can feel free to keep your own vehicle here.

Fitness Club

There is also a gym here for the students who like to stay fit. The gym available here is fully equipped, which can help you in bodybuilding and keeping your body in shape.

Wi-Fi Internet

It is almost impossible for present-day students to work without the internet. All the important projects and assignments are accomplished with the help of the internet today. On the other hand, there is also a trend of online classes. It is needless to mention that the internet is a prominent source of staying in touch with others via real-time chats and video calling.
In Orion Point, you get the Wi-Fi internet, which is inclusive of bills. You can connect your laptops and smartphones, and can accomplish all your tasks related to the internet.

Security Features

At Orion Point, the students also get the full security features. The CCTV cameras have been installed at the property to monitor any type of suspicious activity. Moreover, you also get a secure door entry so you can safeguard your belongings.
Contents insurance service is also available to compensate for the loss of any of your entities.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned ones are some of the significant aspects of Orion Point that ensure your luxurious life, social life, and academic life together. Hopefully, you will get a comfortable stay at this place of accommodation and will spend the best years of your life here.


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