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Georgia Tech Loses 72-68 in Overtime to ND

Despite the fact that the Tech Yellow Jackets had a healthy lead late, they couldn’t hold off Notre Dame for the entire overtime period. With 15:10 left, ND tied the game, and then took the lead. The Yellow Jackets’ offense couldn’t score from deep, and Notre Dame capitalized on the missed shots. They got a late three from Blake Wesley.

With 28 seconds remaining in regulation

Deebo Coleman tied the game at the free-throw line. However, Georgia Tech’s offense went cold in overtime, limiting them to only two field goals. Meanwhile, Notre Dame took advantage of that by hitting two threes in a row. This gave them the lead for good with ten seconds left. The Yellow Jackets couldn’t find an answer for the Irish’s big-time scoring, and the upset was inevitable.

The second overtime period was a tense affair

A late three-pointer from Chris Mullin pushed the Irish ahead, but it was not enough to secure the win. On the other hand, a turnover by Paul Atkinson prompted a foul call that forced the game to go to overtime. The yellow-and-blacks were forced to play a full 40 minutes in overtime.

The score wasn’t close in the second overtime period

But Deebo Coleman’s free-throw attempt with 28 seconds to play tied the game. The Yellow Jackets’ offense then went cold in overtime and managed just two field goals, one of which was a three-pointer by Notre Dame. But after a flurry of turnovers and missed field goals in the third overtime period, the Irish got their chance.

The Blue and White had the better of the game during the first half

The Blue and Gold started slowly, and the Blue Devils had a solid lead. In the second half, however, they had to play a tougher matchup against Notre Dame, which led to the game going to overtime. But the Purple and White didn’t let up and ended up a tie, and the blue and white fought until the final seconds.

After a slow start in the second half

The Blue and White made a final push for the win. Prentiss Hubb’s three-pointer with 2:23 left in overtime broke a tie, sending Notre Dame to the lead and a victory. With the win, the Red and Blue remained undefeated in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

The Blue and White’s defense was the biggest difference in this game

The Blue and White had a tough time defending the top seeded Fighting Irish in the NCAA Tournament, but they were able to hold off the Red and Gray. They were able to shoot well in the second half, but they couldn’t get a rebound in time. With a few more minutes left in the game, the Red and White would be a much better team.

Despite the tough loss, the Yellow Jackets continued to show signs of promise

They led in the second half by four points, and ND’s defense held off a late rally. The red and blue remained in the lead throughout the game. The game ended 72-68 in overtime, and the Red and White will now face the Fighting Irish in the championship. The final score of the game is a tight 62-68, but the two teams will have to settle for the final score.

A late three-point play by the Blue and White is the difference between winning and losing a game

The Irish were unable to hit their three-point attempts, and the final TD was a foul. The Irish missed two free throws, but they still lost the game by four points. So, the Blue and White were lucky to escape with a win, but it wasn’t enough.

While the Blue and White are down by double digits, their offenses aren’t out of the woods

The Irish were unable to make any big shots and failed to hit any 3-pointers. Thankfully, the Irish had some success in the second half. They managed to cut the deficit down to two at the under-4 media timeout. But it wasn’t enough. The Yellow Jackets made the final-overtime score a big game for them.

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