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Fruit and Vegetable Association For Kids

Fruit and Vegetable

Fruit and Vegetable Association) Print, cut and clap small hands. Children need to associate fruits and vegetables with the right poster. Reproduction of the same and different fruits (Open similar and different fruits) Printed and tin for durable, environmentally friendly. Children should circle the picture that is different from the other pictures in each line. You also learn fruits name for kids and vegetable.

From smallest to largest

(Open – Small – Large – Fruit) Print and place game plates. Children have to decide on the order of the thumbnails according to the size of the picture from the smallest to the largest and stick it on the game board using the existing Velcro (or sticker).

Search and Find – Fruits

(Open Search and Search – Fruit) Prints and Rugs. Kids take pictures and have to search and find pictures.

Fruit Education Series

(Open-Series-Learning-Fruit) Print and place game plates. Children must determine the order of the thumbnails to recreate the correct series by pasting the correct thumbnails in the box provided for this. Using Velcro or stickers.

Fruit Puzzle

(Open the fruit puzzle) Print the plate and cut. The child has to return the pieces to solve the puzzle again.

Bingo Food

(Open Food Bingo) Print the floor and store it in a small box. Play bingo with the kids. 

Destiny Game

(Open Pot Game) Children cut food from the circle and stick it to the food they want to put in the pot.

Pence et al 

He took nuts and stones from some of the fruits. Using magnifying glasses, ask children to notice them and name differences and similarities. You can also try some cultivation.


Fruits – Cut different fruits (bananas, apples, oranges, peaches. See results. You can also get different dried fruits to taste.

Apples, oranges

Using a water purifier, you can prepare juices that are intended for children.

Shape: Put half an orange in a ziplock bag and close it tightly. Baby Orange

With his hands to draw water. Add the straw and enjoy.

Cooking activities

Make a good fruit salad with the kids. Everyone will be able to cooperate in their development.

Lonely Chocolate

Take traditional fondue or use chocolate pudding to replace melted chocolate.

Fruit skewer

Have the child cut the fruit into pieces (or take the cut fruit) and have the child attach it to a stick by cutting off the pointed end.

Fruit Cake

Ask the children to use small plastic knives to cut different fruits. Put the vanilla sugar in a pan or on a cake, cut it in half and add the fruit on top. Enjoy!

Taste exotic fruits

Get lots of “lesser known” fruits for kids to taste.

DIY activities

(Open fruit pattern) Print for each child. Ask the children to colour and cut the fruit (according to age) and add faces to their fruit. When finished, use wood to make a doll.

Fruity Mobile

(Open-Fruity Mobile) Print for every child. Have the children colour the pictures and put them together to make a phone. You can use a hanging plate, a cracked plastic plate or a piece of cardboard to help your cell phone.

Corked fruit

Trace or print the fruit shape and have the children fill out the form by sticking cork paper on it.

Fruit paste

Keep any salt (or baking powder) available for the kids to cut through the colourful fruit. Dry everything to keep the masterpiece. You can also add Kool-Aid smoothies or fruit extracts to your dough.

Giant Fruits

Draw a picture of the fruit on a large cardboard box (2 each). Tie the outer strap, leaving the top open. Ask the children to fill the shape with tape. When ready, cover it completely and let the children paint the giant fruit with gouache.

Fruity Suncatcher

Cut out different shapes of fruit in the Mac-tac and let the kids stick the scraps of paper, scraps of paper, scraps of cardboard, cardboard, etc. Cover it with another sheet of Mac-tac and hang it in the window.

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