100 hour yoga teacher training

Frequently Asked Questions : 100-hour yoga teacher training

What is a 100-hour yoga teacher training? A 100 hour yoga teacher training is a traditional way to gain yoga knowledge in a short period of time. In the words of Mark Whitfield, Former Chairperson for the World Yoga Alliance and author of “The Yoga Sutras” (Oneworld Press, 2001), “A 100-hour program should be much more effective than one that takes longer: it’s actually two or two and one-half times as effective.”

A 100-hour yoga teacher training is twice a 50-hour program but a half of a 200-hour program. So what’s the difference between them? Which one will suit your needs better? Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers about it.

FAQ’s : 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

How do I prepare for hundred-hour yoga teacher training?

Here is a list of the following things that will help you to prepare before a training:

  • Check the weather in India when you are planning to join a yoga teacher training Rishikesh.
  • Go through the home study course provided by us; it will give you an idea of how your training will be.
  • Ensure that you are in good health to go under the intense yoga session.
  • Make your mind prepare to indulge in a yoga mood.
  • Let your body be used to practicing yoga for a few days before joining a course.
  • Come with an open mind to gain the wisdom of yoga.
  • Have patience and be consistent in your yoga practice.

 How long should you practice before teaching yoga?

Teaching yoga is a responsibility, so one must have a profound self-practice and training from an authentic yoga school. Yoga is not about the amount of time you invested in a yoga practice but the sincerity and discipline you followed in learning yoga. You must be truthful and consistent in your yoga practice.

One must have 2-3 hours of consistent yoga practice to gain a good amount of experience in teaching yoga. Yoga Alliance also recommends two years of experience in yoga for teaching yoga.

 Is 100-hour yoga teacher training enough to teach yoga?

Yoga teaching is not only about yoga poses and techniques, but it is a way of understanding humans with love and compassion. Yes, a yoga teacher training with Mahi yoga will make you capable of teaching yoga. The course will inspire you to the extent that you would not resist becoming a yoga teacher. 

A yoga teacher training program will help you grow and heal yourself. Eventually, it will make you a better person who can teach great yoga.

Can you teach yoga with 100-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh?

A 100-hour yoga teacher training will not give you a valid certification to become a yoga instructor, but it gives you immense knowledge to further cater to different yoga courses. It will make you able to teach simple yoga movements and asanas, pranayama, and meditation practices.

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