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Free USB Blocker Software for Blocking USB Ports Securely

Microsoft provides several features and facilities to manure the system as per the users need. And giving the facility to block USB ports is one of the facilities that they give. Many academic institutions, firms use this option to disable their system’s USB ports for various reasons. Generally, when we talk about blocking USB ports, we block them to eliminate data theft, unknown virus injection, and any kind of security threat. However, the scenario is that after blocking the ports, the other users can enable them easily. Which explains that this is not a perfect solution. Hence, many companies look for a free USB blocker software to resolve this permanently.

User Query : I am an IT admin, and we have to send some systems to another office branch but those systems contain some crucial data. So, we want to block the USB ports of those systems to ensure that no one can connect their USB drives and steal data. So, is there any permanent solution or a free USB blocker software to lock USB ports.  

We have seen multiple queries, in which people ask for a solution or a tool to disable their USB ports under some circumstances. So, here we will explain the simple and convenient software and a manual technique for users who want to disable USB on a temporary basis.     

Explore the Free USB Blocker Software to Instantly Disable USB Ports

In order to restrict access to USB ports, there are multiple ways to do it. However, the main issue is that it can be changed once the user blocks the ports. Using the same system the other user can simply unblock the ports and can connect their USB and use the system. So, to stop this unauthorized usage of the system by connecting the USB drives. One can use the Best USB Ports Block Software. It also offers the demo version that can block USB ports for 7 days. To continue using this tool, users can buy the licensed version of this tool.

Let’s talk about the features that this tool offers.

Why Should a User Use this Secured Tool Lock USB Ports ?

  1. Machine user name and password is required to block or unblock USB ports.
  2. Incase of a password lost, the user can get it again by using the email address. 
  3. It enables the feature of blocking all USB ports from any user machine. 
  4. To change it from Block USB to Unblock, the user will need to re-login which makes it more secure.

Free USB Blocker Software Guided Steps Discussed to Disable USB Ports

  • In the beginning, install the tool and run it on the machine.
  • Fill the login details asked (Email Address, Password, Machine Username, Machine Password) and press Ok.

Entre the login credentials

  • Next, hit on the Block button to restrict all USB ports of the system in which this tool is installed.

Free USB Blocker Software

  • On pressing the Block button, the user will need to type the password that was entered in the second step.

entre the password to block

  • After blocking the ports, to unblock the USB ports. Click the Unblock button.

Free USB Blocker Software

Note – This tool is made to disable/enable all the ports. Once the user uses this tool to block the ports then without this tool no one can unblock it. Users can only enable the ports using this tool.

Lock the USB ports Using a Manual Technique

For small and temporary purposes the users can block the ports using the Device Manager. To lock USB ports, we have explained a simple and direct method.

  1. Launch the Device Manager by typing it in the search field or press the “Windows + X” and hit on Device Manager.
  2. Now go to the Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Various devices will be available there

3 On USB 3.0 right-click (or any mentioned device in your PC) and hit on the Disable device, for blocking the user’s USB ports.

 Note – Blocking the USB ports using a manual way is not the best solution as it does not provide any password protection. Which means that anyone can change the settings and enable all the ports. So, here we strongly suggest using a Free USB Blocker Software that provides the security by asking the password to change it. In this way the USB blocking settings remain unchanged until the admin of the system changes it.

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This article explains the technique to disable all the USB ports using a free USB blocker software. The tool offers a demo trial version which can be used to restrict USB ports for 7 days.  And if it suits the user then they can buy the licensed version. Moreover, for temporary use, we have discussed a manual approach to disable or enable USB ports.  

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