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Fix the HP Printer Offline problem with Proven Techniques.


HP printers are some of the highest-performing printers in the market today. However, they too can come up with various technical glitches from time to time. One of the most prevalent problems that users face is about the device going offline. HP printer offline is an issue that troubles many printer users. Fortunately, there are multiple resolutions that you can use. In this article, you’ll find some effective solutions to this common problem.

Fixes for the HP Printer Offline Problem

There are various workarounds for this problem. So, on noticing HP printer keeps going offline, implement the following troubleshooting techniques.

Check that you haven’t selected the ‘Use Printer Offline’ mode.

If you have unknowingly selected the ‘Use Printer Offline’ mode, then you’ll naturally face this issue. Change this setting by following these points.

  • Tap ‘Start’ followed by ‘Settings.’
  • Next, hit ‘Devices’ followed by ‘Printer and Scanners.’
  • You’ll see a list of printers. Right-click your HP printer.
  • From the menu, uncheck the option ‘Use Printer Offline.’ You printer will become online.

Set your HP printer as the default one.

Are you searching for a solution to the HP printer offline Windows 10 problem? You must set your printer as default. Follow these steps for doing so.

  • Navigate to the ‘Control Panel’ on the system.
  • Tap ‘Devices and Printers.’ If your printer does not have a green checkmark, it means you haven’t set it as default.
  • Right-tap on your printer and tap ‘Set as Default Printer.’
  • Now, the offline problem will get resolved.

Update or reinstall the printer driver.

A corrupt printer driver will result in your HP printer going offline. Apart from that, an outdated driver will also lead to the HP printer offline Windows 10 problem. To update or reinstall your printer driver, adhere to these steps.

  • Locate ‘Device Manager’ and tap it.
  • Expand the ‘Printers’ section.
  • Now, find your specific printer model. Right-tap it and then click ‘Update Driver.’
  • Hit the option of ‘Search automatically.’ Let the driver update. Wait for some time.
  • Now, restart the computer.
  • For reinstalling the driver, head over to ‘Control Panel.’
  • Tap ‘Remove Programs.’ Uninstall the current driver. Then, install the new one by going to the HP website.

Check the wire connection.

Improper connection can also make your printer go offline. To rectify the link, follow these points.

  • Check that both the ends of your USB cable are connected properly to your HP printer and computer. In the case of a wireless printing device, check and printer and router are compatible.
  • Examine the power cable. It must not have any cuts. It should be linked firmly between your printer and the power socket.

Final Words

Follow these easy resolutions when you notice the HP printer offline. One of them will undoubtedly fix your problem. However, if the printer continues to display an offline status, connect with HP customer support experts. They will diagnose and fix the deeper issue.

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