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Five Techniques to Save Money This Holiday Season

The Christmas season is a time when we get together with the people we love the most and think about a great year of friendship, love, and family bonding. It is a great joy for everyone to give special gifts to their loved ones as a sign of appreciation, but it never hurts to know how to save money during the Christmas season. Here are five great tips for saving money this Christmas season that will help you give thoughtful gifts and please without blowing your budget.

1. Subscribe to newsletters from your favorite brands and companies.

Do you think Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the only opportunities to save money during the Christmas shopping season? Think again. If you sign up for newsletters from your favorite clothing stores and businesses, you’ll often receive secret special offers and coupons that aren’t available to the public. Even airlines run secret promotions during the holidays that are only shared with those smart enough to subscribe to their newsletter. Why is this? Companies consider that people who subscribe to their newsletter are more loyal customers. Therefore, it is more cost-effective for these companies to target a subset of people. Who are 50% more likely to take advantage of the promotion than to spend thousands of dollars on national advertising. Who benefits? YOU!

2. Follow your favorite brands on social media.

As with 1, it’s not uncommon for companies to offer their loyal followers and media friends flash sales, exclusive deals, inside information on new product launches, etc. may not be the first place you think of, but it’s where many of the best promotions take place!

3. Deal sites

The gift of exciting new experiences is sometimes more rewarding than anything tangible, and sites like Living Social, Amazon Local, and Groupon offer adventures such as horseback riding, boat rides, five-course dinners, and wine tastings at wineries. offer great discounts. There are also packages offering discounted yoga and kickboxing classes, making them a great gift for improving health and wellness.

4. Anonymous gift exchange or white elephant party

Family parties are fun, but often not so good for the wallet. One way to alleviate the anxiety of giving gifts to all family members is to host an anonymous gift exchange or “White Elephant” party to ease the pressure by setting modest spending limits. Even kids can have fun with this (as long as most packages are about the same size!). can also be created digitally. The White Elephant Game is a satire of bad gifts and is best played with a group of adults. Who has a sense of humor. This list of 25 vacation games will get you even more creative.

5. e-cards, bulk purchases, and car-sharing

Finally, obvious things that are often overlooked during vacations can also save big. Example, carpooling to go shopping, cooking at home during the holidays, sending e-cards instead of spending $50 or more on paper cards and postage, and buying Christmas treats in bulk to give away at the next gathering. Sharing a cab with a friend to get to a party can ease the pressure of spending. During the vacation season. Look for ways to bring more people to the party – it’s the best option.

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Villie Walters Ramirez is a 32-year-old tax assistant at a tax firm who enjoys bookkeeping and accounting services new york. She has a post-graduate degree in accounting, and she has a severe phobia of cats. She enjoys traveling A lot.



Villie Walters Ramirez is a 32-year-old sales assistant at a tax king who enjoys accounting and bookkeeping. She has a post-graduate degree in accounting, and she has a severe phobia of cats. She enjoys travelling A lot.

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