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First Aid Medical Care | Urgent Care Granada Hills

Health is wealth, as they say. You need to make sure that you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It means that you should watch what you eat to ensure that you consume a healthy diet. You should also exercise regularly to stay physically healthy all the time. Whenever you get sick or suffer an injury, you need to consult proper diagnosis and treatment from reliable and reputable health care facilities. Below are the first aid techniques and procedures that medical professionals at urgent care Granada Hills health facilities offer. 

First Medical Care at Granada Hills Urgent Care 

One way or the other, you are going to face injuries in your life. Injuries may happen in the workplace, at home, at school while playing contact sports, while driving, walking, and even exercising. Some injuries are fatal, while others are minor. If it happens to you or anyone around you, carrying out first aid properly will reduce the risk of complications, further injuries or even prevent death. It is therefore paramount that you always prepare yourself, no matter where you are, in case a medical emergency occurs. 

Being on the safe side demands being alert always, taking precautions, and always staying equipped with the right tools to handle any kind of medical emergency. This reduces the risk of getting hurt or further complications on the injury site. Even after taking all the precautions and injuries may still occur.

What are injuries? 

An injury is defined as an instance where a person suffers external or internal tissue damage inflicted by any sharp, blunt, or very hot object that can damage body tissues. Physical tissue damage may include bruises, cuts, sprains, gouges, broken bones, lacerations, or any type of wound. If you have mourned any kind of injury, you can count on urgent care centers to offer high quality first aid medical care. Below are basic first aid tips that you are expected to from Granada urgent care center. 

Basic first aid medical care at Granada urgent care 

In case of an injury, there are several health care steps that you can take to reduce the effects of the injury as you await proper and diagnosed medical care:
If the patient has sustained a cut, you need to use clean hands to disinfect, bandage, and dress the cut area. In urgent care granada hills, lacerations are treated with the following steps:
The first thing that you need to do when treating lacerations is to clean your hands and apply pressure on the wound to stop bleeding with a gauze or a clean piece of cloth.

The next thing is to clean the wound with water and apply petroleum jelly or topical antibiotics to disinfect the wound. Once you have done that, cover the affected area with gauze or a bandage. The bandage must be changed daily to reduce the risk of infections.
If the patient got his or her tetanus vaccination more than 5 years ago, It would have to be administered again. That is, if the treatment area gets infected under the bandage. If the wound worsens overtime, you need to seek proper medical care from urgent care Granada Hills.

First aid for sprains and strains 

You need to apply R.I.C.E for basic sprain initial treatment or first-aid. If you are unfamiliar with R.I.C.E, this is what it means:

R – stands for rest. This means that you will need to rest the affected joint /limb. You can use a brace or crutches, depending on the type of injury.
I – stands for ice. You need to apply ice in the sprained area as soon as you sustain the injury. You need to apply ice roughly eight to ten times for 15 to 20 minutes 48 hours after the injury.
C – stands for compress. The injured area needs compressions with a bandage or plastic wrap.
E – stands for elevate. The injured area must to be elevated above the heart to prevent the injured area from swelling.


First aid medical care is an essential process for treating injuries from accidents such as cuts, lacerations, broken bones, burns, and sprains. You need to get the best medical and health care facility that offers high quality first aid medical care, such as urgent care granada hills. Urgent care centers belong to a group of health care facilities known as walk-in care. These types of healthcare facilities offer treatment for minor injuries and illnesses. 

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