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Expedia and Booking Agencies In Taxes

Hoteliers have been trying for years to get payments from online booking agencies properly taxed. When hotels sell hotel online check In reservations through sites like Expedia or Hotels .com, the company takes a cut of what they make off each reservation before giving it back with discounts – all good as far as it goes until we hit tax time! The problem arises when these companies go forward and claim those same rooms on sales tax returns. Which then requires them put up even more money than paid out by customers into government coffers instead; an unfair burden that falls hardest right where our economy needs us most:

The state of Florida has filed lawsuits against online travel booking companies for unpaid taxes. The problem isn’t that these businesses aren’t paying any tax at all – they are! However, because their rates exceed what hotels actually collect in revenue from customers (and thus go uncollected), millions upon billions worth have gone missing over the years which threatens our very existence as government entities who rely on this money to operate smoothly and provide vital services like education & healthcare etc.

This is great news because as we all know tourists bring in tons of money. Especially with Expedia releasing such an informative statement about how this could impact them (namely due to lost business).

The hotel industry has been facing a major problem as lawsuits multiply against online travel agencies. The recent court decision will keep these perks intact while also protecting consumers’ rights under law, which could mean less bargain rates and publicity for hotels in popular tourist towns because their customers may choose other destinations without having to pay higher prices due compensation payments from one company’s negligence or wrong doing.

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