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Exercises To Help Clients Improve Their Posture

Our posture is one of the most neglected aspects of our physical health. Poor posture not only hurts your body it also causes issues with your day-to-day life and functionality. It’s not so much about being unsightly as it is about the many complications associated with bad posture, including back pain, spinal dysfunction, degeneration in your muscles and joints, rounded shoulders and a protruding belly.

As a certified fitness trainer, it’s one of the most important aspects of training and wellness that we should incorporate into our clients’ routines. Here are some of the most effective strategies to help clients improve their posture and physique with regular practice:

Cat-cow pose

Cat-cow is one of the most effective poses for better posture. It’s incredibly helpful for stretching out your spine, alleviating tension in the body, including your torso, shoulders and neck, and improving blood circulation. It’s a simple exercise that can be incorporated into a cool-down stretch pretty easily or even as a standalone stretch.

Get on all fours, balancing your weight onto your knees and palms equally. Stretch your neck and tilt your head upwards as you inhale, dropping your belly in the process. Exhale and stretch your spine toward the roof, tucking your chin into your chest. Repeat this movement a few times or few a few minutes each day.

A woman performs a dumbbell row which is known to help improve posture.

Child’s pose

Child’s pose is another excellent yoga pose that improves posture. It alleviates a lot of stress and tension in the back, spine, and hips as you stretch. To do this, you need to get on all fours, place your hips onto your heels and sink your forehead on the floor. Extend your arms and keep them stretched out, and allow your shoulders to relax as you breathe through this movement for a few minutes.

In addition to improving your posture, it’s also a great pose to hold onto when you want to take a breather or relax after an intense workout!


Planks are one of the most effective exercise moves anyone can do for their posture and overall health. There are several variations of planks, each of which has its own benefits and advantages; this includes high planks, side planks, and elbow plans, which stretch your spine, back, shoulders, and core.

Planks of different kinds are crucial for core health, and one of the best things they do is strengthen your core and keep it tight, supporting your back, neck, and shoulders. They’re excellent for developing better balance as well, giving you unparalleled support.

A trainer and their client perform a side twist looking over their shoulder.

Glute work

Glute bridges and glute squeezes are great exercises for better posture. They stretch your erector spinae, glutes and hamstrings, and strengthen your back for reduced lower back pain and aches. Additionally, these movements improve and correct the alignment of your hips and pelvis, creating a more balanced structure for your body in general. Fitness trainers should encourage clients to add glute work into their routine the way they recommend squats and other quad and glute exercises.

Dumbbell rows

Many people, including certified personal trainers, may be surprised to learn this, but dumbbell rows are actually great for posture. Variations of this movement, including upright rows, side rows, and classic rows, all help to strengthen shoulders, arms, and the neck. They also work the core to create a stronger body that is able to hold itself up better. Rows are excellent movements that build muscle and strength and get you better posture, so why not add them to your clients’ workouts?

A woman improves her posture by performing a deep side stretch.


Seated side stretch

Seated side stretches are easy yet highly effective exercise moves. It’s important to ensure that your client doesn’t overextend, bend forward, or perform this movement incorrectly since that may cause more issues with their body. Instead, encourage them to seat their hips on yoga blocks or flat on the ground, stretch one leg outwards toward the side of the body and fold the other into the body. Then they should stretch sideways toward the outstretched leg, reaching as far as they comfortably can while still feeling a stretch. This movement helps relieve tension in the neck, works the obliques and core, and allows for better posture on the whole.

Chest and back openers

A person performs a butterfly stretching sitting on a deck.

Butterfly pose  

One pose that is criminally underrated is the butterfly pose. This hip opener is great for everyone, from pregnant women to people who spend hours sitting at their desks, stretching their hips, inner thighs, and spine. Since the butterfly pose involves stretching from the hips rather than the back, it encourages clients to keep their spine upright. There are several degrees that vary based on individuals’ own flexibility levels, including using a yoga block for added support and keeping their knees up or flat on the ground. Some variations involve flapping the knees up and down, while others involve holding the pose slowly. Over time, your clients will notice their hips opening, increased mobility, and a stronger back and core.

It’s important to help your clients improve their posture, coordination, flexibility, and other aspects and fitness indicators. It’s an excellent way to get better results in general and see clients across the finish line in the most efficient manner possible.

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