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Everything You Need To Know About SharePoint


For a very long time, SharePoint has been the most popular productivity tool for any enterprise. It is used by more than 190 people across the globe which ultimately makes it the best document management system or content management system. Most organizations use this software to create websites and use it as a place to safely store, share, organize, and access information from a device. Moreover, to operate Microsoft SharePoint all you need is a browser.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

As you know teamwork isn’t about where you are, it’s about being connected, and with SharePoint, you’ll see how to create, store, and share content on the web. With several fully-featured services such as building internet sites and creating pages, and document libraries, to share across your company. Moreover, they also have added web parts like text, audio, documents, and videos to format and customize your content. It also showcases all the important visuals, news, and updates in a modern layout and connects team members for a project by using team sites. There are several SharePoint Online Training courses and certifications through which you can learn how to effectively use the software. Therefore, with the help of SharePoint, you can manage your day-to-day workflow and can easily save all the data on a cloud database.

What exactly does SharePoint offer?

Since SharePoint offers many different functions, several enterprises and organizations of different sizes use this software. SharePoint offers the users many facilities in the form of;

  • External Sharing provides you the flexibility to share the data with other external and internal members of an organization.
  • With the help of Team sites, you get a collaborative place where you can easily share, view, and change the content as per the requirements.
  • Content Management helps you to manage and organize all your content in a secure place from where you can easily access the data.
  • Mobile apps allow users to access the required information such as team sites, content, and documents that can run on Android and other devices.
  • Search functions and automate the business processes.

Why use Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint assists you to manage and handle your content creating websites and keeping the users informed about all the activities. Now let us see why you should use Microsoft SharePoint and what are the most important features of SharePoint;

  • SharePoint offers features that enable the Employees to perform more tasks in less time.
  • Employees can access and manage their content such as policies, procedures, and workflow.
  • Update the internal communication such as events, news, and more.
  • You can easily collaborate with a team on a given project.
  • No coding is required during the entire management process.
  • Document collaboration and co-authoring of documents
  • The meta-tagging feature helps find documents easily and quickly.
  • You also get added benefits in the form of Office 365 integrated software such as MS Teams and MS Planner.
  • SharePoint also shows some flexibility as you can easily customize the software as per your requirements.
  • You can change the look and feel of the user interface and can go deeper into the customization options.

You can choose a certified SharePoint Training Institute in Noida as it will help you learn about SharePoint and use it to improve productivity and collaboration. In addition, SharePoint also helps reduces accidental data leaks and cyber-attacks. Microsoft security cloud protection powers the SharePoint security system.


Therefore, after the completion of your training or certification in Microsoft SharePoint. You can choose from several job opportunities including SharePoint Developer, Consultant, Architect, and Administrator. Moreover, you can enhance the security level, access various Office tools, and helps in reducing the cost. Thus, by using SharePoint software you can easily scale and grow your organization. SharePoint has become the leading technology for intranet and is continuously evolving.


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