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Endermologie Vs Liposuction: Which Buccal fat Removal is Best?

Laser liposuction uses lasers to make fat easier to remove from the body. It makes it easier to suction the fat from the body. For Buccal fat Removal, it can be a good option. Its main goal is to get rid of fat tissue in certain parts of the body. In addition, the heat from the laser helps to make collagen, which makes the skin tighter.


In the endermologie, rollers and suction are used to massage the skin and eliminate cellulite on the body. People who use this method to get rid of cellulite do so by increasing lymphatic flow and blood flow, softening the tissue, and encouraging the body’s natural fat-releasing process. The client needs to drink a lot of water because lymphatic drainage is a way to get rid of toxins and get the body back in shape.

Some of the things Endermologie can help with are:

There is less dimpling and cellulite when fat cells and fibrous connective tissue are mechanically broken down with a special handpiece.

For Endermologie, who is the best person to use?

Endermologie is best for people in good health who want to get rid of cellulite without surgery. It’s not good for pregnant women or people who have had cancer or thrombophlebitis in the past.

How long does it take to recover from an Endermologie procedure?

Most people don’t need to take time off after having Endermologie done. One to two days after treatment, bruises may appear. They are usually mild and go away in two weeks.

Because of the fat on your cheeks, you can get rid of them.

A cannula and a vacuum are used to remove fat from a patient’s cheeks during a cheek liposuction procedure. Most people who have liposuction on their cheeks have it done as an outpatient procedure under general, local, or intravenous sedation. About 30 to 60 minutes are needed for the procedure to be done, and only about a few ounces of fat are removed in most cases. Finally, liposuction of the cheeks improves facial contours, giving the face a slimmer look.

After cheek liposuction, swelling, soreness, and even burning can happen. These symptoms are only for a short time and go away soon after treatment. It can also take a while to get back to normal after having your cheeks liposuction.

Liposuction is an outpatient procedure that removes fatty tissue from the skin to get a more attractive body shape. It can be done on many body parts, such as the arms, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, abdomen, hips, and saddlebags.

In most cases, if liposuction is done properly and thoroughly, the results after 6 months are good, and they’re good enough for most people. However, some patients may have issues (like an insufficient improvement, asymmetric results, or irregular appearances) that need to be fixed.

Before liposuction, medical treatments for the skin can be done.

People who have pre-operative sessions move the connective tissue, making the tissue “healthier.” It makes the surgery less likely to go wrong. They also make the skin easier to cut through, letting doctors use smaller, less painful cannulas. The number of sessions that should be done varies from 8 to 12.

It’s possible to get medical Endermologie treatments after liposuction.

During postoperative sessions, we drain the tissues and smooth the skin to make the surgery work better. It helps us get the best results. Sequential care can start 5 to 7 days after surgery to help with swelling and pain.

Other Benefits:

Medical endermologie treatments, done by a trained physiotherapist, help patients stay motivated to change their lives. They also answer the many questions and concerns that people have after having surgery but don’t want to ask their doctor. From that point on, the physiotherapist becomes a close friend of the surgeon. They work together to improve the results of the surgery.

Medical dermatology and liposuction are a great match.Medical endermologie treatments first try to fix the problems that come with surgery, then try to improve the surgery results while also working on areas that weren’t done.

What are the benefits of getting rid of your buccal fat?

When you have Buccal Fat Removal, your face will look better. As a rule, patients who have stubborn facial fat that doesn’t shift no matter what they eat or how much they work out are the most likely to benefit from buccal fat removal.

Liposuction is completely safe to use to remove fat.

A lot of people like having liposuction done because it is very safe. In this case, the cosmetic surgeon will make small cuts in the area. The surgeon will inject a fluid into the body to make the area numb and break up the fat cells in the next step.

A small tube called a cannula is inserted into the incision when you finish this. Then, suction is used to remove the blood from the wound. Pure fat that doesn’t have any blood is what is taken out. People who have liposuction don’t have to stay in the hospital, and they can get back on their feet in two days.



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