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Electrical problems causing my car lights to become very dim

The car lights become very dim because of electrical problems within the car’s systems. These electric systems depend on the electric volts that are got from the battery and the alternator. Sometimes there are electric problems within the car’s system that prevent normal vehicle operation.

In order to resolve the issues that cause electric problems you need to know how to identify the issue. This is not such a big problem. Some issues will require financing while others won’t. Simply, conduct a few tests to know what is causing the issue. These are viable tests that you can perform in order to know where the electric issue is coming from.

1. Windshield wipers.

The battery is responsible for powering the windshield wipers when the car is off. If you suspect that the car battery is dead, turning on these wipers is one of the tests you can perform. If they are moving slowly then the battery is not totally dead. But it is running out of juice.

2. Headlights.

While the car engine is still off turn the headlights on to see if they are functional. If they are dim, the battery is running low on charge. Further, if they appear to be flickering, it’s also a sign that the battery could be running low on charge. Alternatively, if they are flickering it could be an issue originating from the wiring of the car’s electrical system. Additionally, flickering headlights could be an indication that there is a problem within the car’s fuse box.

3. Car won’t start.

Another simple test is to try to start the car. If the car doesn’t start, it means the battery or the car’s ignition cylinder is faulty. Further, the issue could be arising from the car’s spark plug. It is wise to investigate these areas before doing a deeper diagnoses.

So after conducting those tests, and establishing what causes the electrical issues, it is time to move on. Take the next step to know what could be causing the car’s problems.

What causes car electrical problems.

causes of electrical problems in cars

1. Alternator.

A faulty alternator is usually worn out or the belt is loose. The alternator supplies the car’s electronic components with electric current when the car engine is running. Further it usually recharges the battery to top-up the charge that has been utilized during ignition and when the engine was off.

2. Car battery.

When the engine is off, the battery supplies electric current to the spark plug in order to start it. Further, the car’s battery supplies charge to electric components of the vehicle to keep them operating. For example it supplies electric current to the vehicle’s clock and alarm. There are a number of reasons why the car battery may die inclusive of expiry, corrosion amongst others.

3. Fuse box.

The fuses usually conduct electric current to the car’s electric components. This electricity current comes from the alternator or the car’s battery. Sometimes, the fuses blow in order to cut the connection between the electric current producers and the electric components. This is brought about by excess electric charge.



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