Human hair extensions
Human hair extensions

DIY Hairstyles for When You Have Hair Extensions

Hair extensions such as human hair extensions, sew in hair extensions, or tape ins can add length and volume to your hair. However, it can be time-consuming and expensive to go to a salon to get them installed. If you have been thinking of having hair extensions but don’t want to invest, you can try DIY hair extensions using hair wraps and tape. This blog will share some of the top DIY hairstyles you can use with hair extensions.

How To Care For Your Hair Extensions

Whether you are new to the sew in hair extensions world or have been a regular member, it is important to brush your locks to let them last longer. It is more irritating than matted, tangled extensions! So, ladies, we have compiled a list of our top seven must-know tips:

Wash Your Extensions In The Right Way

Let us look into your hair washing routine. We can treat your hair extensions just the way you do it to your natural hair but there are a few reasons to be mindful of next time when you wash those extensions. 

Always apply those hair products such as shampoo and conditioner that are recommended by your hair experts. 

You will be able to wash your hair without worrying about how the shampoo and conditioner will react with your extensions once you have stocked up on the correct items. If possible, we would recommend you wash your hair in te shower by simply letting the water run down your hair. 

It is time to step on to the process of drying your extensions now that you have now mastered in cleaning them. It is always important to go to bed with your dry locks. 

Extensions Should Always Be Brushed With Lots of Care

We mentioned above about the importance of brushing your hair extensions. If you don’t take care of your extensions, they will start to come loose, much like when you brush your natural hair too hard and strands start to fall out. It is unavoidable that your extensions will tangle, but it matters how you deal with it.

The more the better when it comes to brushing frequency as long as you are gentle to your hair. We recommend brushing your locks at the first thing in the morning, before going to bed, before washing, and after washing.

DIY Hairstyles For When You Have Hair Extensions

Braided Hair Extensions

sew in hair extensions
sew in hair extensions

Wedding and other formal hairstyles are a breeze when you have extensions since you can quickly obtain a sophisticated look. Any flowy braid looks great, especially when accessorized with jewelry and accessories.

Balayage Colors

Sew in hair
Sew in hair

Instead of utilizing hair accessories, you can construct a bow out of your own hair. Although it appears difficult, it is not difficult to accomplish, and there are numerous online tutorials. Consequently, you will have a lovely, feminine style that’s appropriate for various occasions.

Extremely Long Extensions

tape in hair extension tools
tape in hair extension tools

Of course, length is one of the key reasons girls add some extra hair. Waiting for your strands to grow is like watching paint dry; it’s tedious and time-consuming, which is why long extensions of up to 40 inches are available.

Extensions add instant length, and if they are as long as the ones in the photo, you won’t need to do anything to make them seem beautiful. Form waves with your hair and let it down; the result is simple but lovely.

Hair extensions are the best! They are super versatile and easy to style, especially when you do your own hair. If you have human hair extensions, you likely have an arsenal of hair styling products but perhaps you don’t have a round brush or a donut hair tie. This is a simple way to utilize your extensions while getting a really cute hairstyle. You can also try out some flawless hairstyles with the help of sew in weave if you don’t want to try extensions. For better hair care for your extensions, make sure to always keep in those sew in or tape in hair extension tools. 

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