You are currently viewing Desert Safari Dubai – A Breathtaking Bedouin Experience

Desert Safari Dubai – A Breathtaking Bedouin Experience

To understand the actual Dubai with all its significance. You should join its inceptions; yes, we are discussing the Arabian Desert. The huge and comprehensive deserts establish an astonishing understanding in travellers’ hearts.

You can encounter the cultural ancestry and day to day entertainment activities. The people are here only when you explore a thrilling desert safari in Dubai. If you are planning to travel to Dubai or if you are a resident of Dubai. Then this is a golden chance that you should not miss out on.

Satisfaction and amenity when integrated make a journey. Which is more simple and fascinating. That’s why there are various luxury and combo invitations arranged by travel agencies. Such as which range from 35 dirhams to even an utmost of 2000 dirhams. The majority of the indulgence packages get you a pickup and drop off from your residence/ hotel. Which will be as per your desires.

Things to do in Desert Safari Dubai

1. Dune bashing

A courageous desert safari is insufficient without thrilling dune bashing. This is an important attraction of the Middle Eastern community for decades and centuries. Dune bashing was originally a recreation for the regional Emirati people. Which is later developed as a super leisure tour proposal. For people arriving all over the world.


Dunes are enormous mountains of loose sand particles. Which happen in numerous shapes and heights. Constructed due to the immediate action of the breeze. Red Dunes are largely established on beaches and Arabian deserts. It is a main desert athletics action by a huge 4X4 vehicle (SUV). Such as the Toyota Land Cruiser, Nisan Patrol, Range Rover. Or Fortuner is used for the action.

2. Sunset Experience:

By the time you obtain your thrilling sand activities. The sun will start to establish, inundating high red dunes in a golden gleam. This is the promising time for you to moisten in the exhibit of shifting colours on the Arabian desert skies. Besides, click some amazing snapshots and make a thrilling video reel. As the sun establishes, you are ridden to the Arabian campsite for a pure Bedouin lifestyle expert. Where you will get enjoy the delicious BBQ buffet dinner with both vegetarian foods and non-vegetarian cookery alternatives.

3. Bedouin Camp Activities:

At the Bedouin-style campsite, you are greeted with a cup of Arabian coffee, tea, soft drinks, fries and shwarma. The best tour operators in Dubai such as Happy Desert Safari guarantees that mineral water is available. To quest your thirst not only at the campsite. But also throughout your adventurous journey. The fulfilled entertainment at the campsite. That lends you an obvious impression as to how the Bedouins lived in the Arabian desert. In the past contain Sheesha smoking, henna tattoo on the hands or feet. Also, clicking portraits wearing Arabic clothes. You can also capture pictures by holding a national bird of the UAE. Which is Falcon photography.

As you relish your flavorful BBQ buffet dinner prepared by the award-winning chefs. The top-class artists fascinate you by executing world-renowned performances. Such as LED tanoura dance, belly dance and fire playing shows. Evening desert safari Dubai is the only excursion that authorizes you to appreciate. An announcer of achievements that are aboriginal to the middle-eastern country of Asia.

After the BBQ buffet dinner, you can give back to the camping tent allocated to you. For spending the night with comfy sleeping bags. This happens in an overnight desert safari which completes with woollen rugs and bed linen. That enables you to stay warm and sleeps in peace.

This is also the bare excursion that offers you a different chance. To gaze at the endless amount of stars drizzled across the skies of the Arabian deserts in Dubai.

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