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Day Out at Nandi Hills


Nandi Hills resides approximately at a distance of 60 km from Bangalore having a set of small beautiful hillocks arranged all around the hills. No matter with whom you have visited the place, be it the friends or families or you alone, you will never feel boredom but will find the place exciting as it offers all the entertainment facilities, adventurous activities, beautiful accommodation facilities in the top Resorts of Bangalore, etc. So you will find everything at one spot to rejuvenate yourself as well as to relax your mind and get nearer to peace. 

Also you can accommodate yourselves in the tents to feel the shelter under the open sky with the wildlife sounds all around in the night and getting up with the bird’s chirping early in the morning with sunshine just on head. Also explore and experience practices like traveling, climbing, zorbing, paragliding and get-together icebreakers like acclaim, rum total aggregate, energisers like 8 shakers, rabbit tracker divider, nature walks, first light and sunset view, and much more at the place and feel the thrill. 


Day Out at Nandi Hills

To start with waking up at the normal time when you usually get up you don’t need to be in a hurry, you can simply have your beauty sleep and can awake in the morning freshly to have a delicious breakfast. After which you need to freshen up yourself, get out of the room, and head towards the ropeway activity connecting the zipline just after the former activity. Fly high in the sky connecting one mountain to the other, also visit the nearby places to explore Nandi hills and the areas around, after which have the afternoon lunch. Also click a lot of pictures as a memory and you can even hit the dance floor with your moves which you had to do actually before lunch as after eating dance is not advisable.


Must Do Things at Nandi Hills

  • The Brilliant Golden Orioles will be everyone’s center of attraction, while you are heading towards the dense forest areas, where you will spot freewheeling in the sky, beguiling critters surging ceaselessly in the distance, and rising above trees with incredibly old stories in each leaf. 
  • Also you cannot miss the moves of the traditional Nandi Tribal Society. 

Nearby Attractions

  • Nandi Hills Bangalore is home to the most prepared Bhoganandeshwara safe-haven and Nandi safe-haven. Nehru Nilay and Gandhi Nilay, located on the edge, are of such importance that you can’t take a chance to miss them. Explore the meandering aimlessly fortress, British cabins and Tipu Sultan’s palace. Visit the Kalyani lake and Amruth Sarovar to complete your experience of this goal.
  • Also have a watch show of a variety of vintage bikes at the place for all those bike lovers.
  • You don’t need to worry about your pets as there are few resorts who offer a pet friendly environment where your pets can even enrich themselves and explore the outside world.
  • Busy yourself with the indoor games as well as the outdoor ones offered by the resorts.
  • If you are staying in a tent you cannot anyway miss the bonfire late in the night with the blanket covered bodies sitting in a circle with the group of either the friend’s or family.


Reason why people visit Nandi Hills?

The sunrise of Nandi hills is one of the major attractions for the tourists to visit the place. Likewise many people visit Nandi hills just to have the breathtaking views of the sunrise in the early morning. Also the place is known as “Nandi Durga” and the lush green valleys as well as the greenery all around is another reason why people often visit the place. The place is also the home to many temples, monuments, shrines which attracts the people of the historical background to come and search more regarding the place.

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