Custom Candle Boxes

Improve Your Candle Packaging’s Longevity By Following These 6 Rules

Custom Candle Boxes – The candle has become a major part of everybody’s life. Candles bring joy as they can be used on different occasions and can be gifted to your loved ones. Also, candles are delicate and require sturdy packaging through custom candle boxes. Packaging with sturdy material, explicit finishing, and complete quality checks to maintain the integrity of your candle brand. There would be no use in spending so much on the aesthetics of your candle; if there is a quality lacking in your packaging. as a result, there is a severe threat to stability. Maintaining the quality of packaging not only improves the longevity of your candle boxes but also enhances your customer base.

Significance of Custom Candle Boxes:

Candles are a symbol of humanity, love, passion, and light. The flickering flame and scent can add a beautiful and welcoming aroma to the environment. The problem is that candles are delicate and need proper Candle Boxes for handling and storing. Regardless of how much exertion and money you put into designing, if your candles don’t deliver in their original form, you risk losing the customer base. Now the question is how to make your packaging of custom Candle Boxes long-lasting.

People often try to endeavor their boxes’ charm and beauty, but durability or longevity is often overlooked. However, companies are moving towards different packaging styles to prevent the candles from being damaged and retain the original appeal of candles. If you want to design explicit candle boxes with a longer shelf life and gain customer loyalty, keep reading out six amazing rules that custom-printed candle boxes could be used for longer terms.

1.   Use premium quality material.

Quality comes first. When it comes to packing your candles, you should never compromise on the quality of the material of candle boxes wholesale. Once your packed candle, it has to go through different phases- from transporter to retailer and then to the customer. That’s a long journey. To increase the longevity of your candle boxes, use high-quality and sturdy material. Materials like cardboard, Kraft, and Rigid can deal with external chemicals and physical factors.

2.   Use additional inserts material to make sure that your candle remains intact.

The inner side of packaging boxes is as important as the outside. If you place your candle without support, it will be deformed or lose shape, especially during shipment. This is where the part of inserts comes in. Adding inserts to your custom candle boxes is a great way to keep your product in place. You can add foams and cardboard sheets or even make bubble wrap. Using the additional material can improve the longevity of your candle packaging.

3.   Have a quality check control

For any product, the first impression is very important. The same goes for candles. The manufacturer and supplier of candle boxes should never overlook the quality assurance check. Go for a complete quality check control for checking design appearance and functionality. Go for strength and check how efficient your custom candle boxes are against various loads. Sealing, binding, and strapping should be thoroughly inspected. Use good quality glue to fix all the box flaps. Using high-quality material inserts in your candle packaging can leave no chances of disappointing your customers.

4.   Go for a sustainable approach.

Eco-friendly material for your packaging is so much in use. Using sustainable packaging offers you features and qualities that other boxes can’t offer. It is highly cost-effective and durable in use. Most importantly, sustainable packaging can support your printed candle boxes. Their fibres are strongly attached and cannot break easily. Many companies are going for environmentally friendly packaging, which is helping them in boosting their brand image. These eco-friendly materials are reusable and cannot cause any harm to the environment.

5.   Use explicit finishing

One way to fortify and increase the aesthetics of your custom candle boxes is to go for outstanding finishing methods like lamination, UV spot, Varnishing etc. A laminated coating on the boxes will provide your boxes with ultimate protection after you have done your artwork and printing of the box. Gloss lamination is an ideal as it gives a luxurious look and saves your packaging from dirt, fingerprints, and other factors. The lamination technique is also water-resistant, so it keeps your custom candle boxes moisture-free. It increases the strength and durability of your candle packaging.

6.  Opt for a safer transportation method

Use a shipping method that involves fewer bumps or a journey with less contact with the physical environment. Road transport is a cost-effective option, but choose a covered vehicle. Air transport is the best option available, but it is expensive and only convenient for bulk delivery.


Candles are delicate and require extreme care through packaging. There’s no point in putting so much money into the aesthetics of candle boxes wholesale when your quality is below the level. You don’t have to sell your product but achieve customer loyalty and build a brand image so that the purchase doesn’t stick to one, but several customers trust you again for their choice. With all these tips mentioned above, you can ace the Packaging industry and improve the longevity of your candle boxes.