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Custom Burger Boxes Are Available in a Variety of Styles

Custom Burger Boxes Are Available in a Variety of Styles

Aside from the fact that there is no one box size that fits all hamburgers, custom burger box packaging are also available in a variety of styles. If you are considering ordering custom mini burger boxes, you may want to consider a mailer box with a tuck-end closure. These boxes can be very durable and have a decent opening. Packaging Bee offers boxes that are made especially for food. And their food boxes are the perfect blend of perfection.


The IDEAL CUSTOM Boxes are designed for the ultimate convenience of burger eaters. Not only can these boxes hold multiple burgers, they’re also designed to protect them from damage. Because they’re made of high-quality material, these boxes will keep your burgers fresh and warm while they’re in transit. Even better, the boxes will prevent burger patties from getting damaged and swaying in transit.

ICM Packaging

If you are looking for high-quality burger packaging, look no further than ICM Packaging. They offer custom-printed boxes that feature your logo and design, as well as appropriate dividers for your burgers. This allows you to differentiate your brand from other restaurants by using an elegant, yet functional packaging solution. You’ll have a more impressive box to give your fast food customers, and they’ll be more likely to buy it, too!

Quick tab lock closures

If you want your custom burger boxes to have a secure seal, consider using quick tab lock closures. These closures are similar to those found on McDonald’s burger containers. They allow customers to open them quickly and keep the food hot and fresh. However, you will want to make sure that you are ordering boxes with a high-quality closure. Fortunately, quick tab lock closures are available from many sources.

Kraft paper

If you’re in the food business, you probably have heard of the advantages of using custom burger boxes. Custom boxes are typically made from cardboard or kraft paper. They make branding easy, and can be custom-designed for any occasion or product. Companies will often place teasers or even black space on the box for customers to leave reviews. And since these boxes are used for packaging food, you can be sure that they’ll look great.

Full-color printing

Using Full-color printing on custom burger boxes will ensure your brand message is seen by millions of potential customers. Because custom boxes are made of 100% food-grade cardboard, they will keep burgers soft, warm, and free from contamination. Moreover, the fast turnaround time will give you plenty of time to design your promotional materials before your big day. And while the customization of your custom boxes isn’t required, you’ll be happy to know that you can easily get a full-color printing done on them.


For the best result, you should choose a matte or gloss coating for your custom burger boxes. Gloss coatings add a glossy look and give the boxes a rich feel. They also increase the visibility of your package. Matte coatings, on the other hand, are perfect for luxury printed boxes. They look elegant and offer a wide array of colors. The only limit is your imagination! In order to choose the right coating for your custom burger boxes, consider the following tips:

Spot UV

You can use both matte and gloss lamination to create a clean and professional look for your food packaging. Spot UV will help add a shiny, protective layer to your packaging. Aqueous coating is also an excellent choice for food packaging because it will protect the product from dirt, cracking, and smudges. You can opt for either one of the two options, or go for a green option by opting for water-based coating.


When it comes to burger packaging, custom burger boxes should be as appealing as possible. They should be made from food grade materials to ensure that the burger stays soft and warm. They should also be free from any contaminants, like grease or wax. Here are some tips to make your burger boxes look their best:


A burger box is an excellent way to promote a burger joint. Personalized boxes can feature your brand name and logo. They can also include ordering information and discounts. In addition to providing great promotional value, custom boxes can serve as excellent marketing tools. In this article, we’ll cover the different ways you can customise burger boxes. We’ll also cover a few ways to incorporate debossing and embossing into your design.


A custom burger box can add prestige to your brand and can increase your customer’s loyalty. Its upscale design will appeal to your customers, while the durable material makes it a perfect travel companion. Custom burger boxes are ideal for picnics and grilled burgers, as they make a convenient food container. You can also print your company’s logo on them for a more polished and professional look.


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