Creating an E Commerce Store Has Never Been This Easy: A Comprehensive Guide

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With improvements in technology, the growth of a business is near to impossible without having an online presence. If you are selling products, you need to have an e commerce store if you want your business to grow. People, nowadays, purchaser almost everything from the internet.

Due to a busy routine, no one has time to visit a supermarket or a grocery store to shop for a few things. Consumers go to the browser on their smartphones and ask the search engine, Google in most cases, to provide a few names selling that product. Some people directly go to the website for their favorite store. Search engine not only provides the name but also comes up with the link to their website.

The Consumer visits the website, find the product and place their orders. These things make it easy for customers to get the products they want. They do not have to face the hassle of going out and facing the traffic. Moreover, it also saves them from waiting in a queue before checking out.

So, as most consumers now shop from online stores, your business needs an online presence. Most Saudi stores are now moving their business online. It is because of the change in the trends of customers’ purchasing decisions. Hence, if you want your business to grow, you need an online store that can help you generate more sales.

How to Create an E Commerce Store?

Creating an e-commerce store was one of the most challenging tasks in the past. However, this is not the case now. With improvement in technology, it can be done within a few minutes. Even if you are not familiar with creating the website, you can get it done within a few hours. So, here are the steps to create an online store for your business;

  • Find a Website Builder
  • Select a Theme
  • Choose a Layout
  • List Your Products
  • Add Images and Product Description
  • Customize the Theme and Template
  • Add Various Payment Methods
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Marketing

Find a Website Builder

The first step to building an e commerce website is to find a reliable website builder. Business owners used to opt for coding to create an online store. However, now you have the option of website builders. Coding takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money. In contrast, a website builder can help create the store within a few minutes or hours.

Hence, it would be better to opt for a website builder. However, make sure that the website builder you choose is reliable. Check out the functionalities it offers, and make sure it provides customization. Moreover, the website builder should be able to support various payment methods.

Select a Theme

Once you have chosen a website builder, the next step is the theme. Website builders come with a wide range of themes. You can select any of these available themes for your online store. However, it will be wise to choose a theme that suits your brand. It will give your consumers a perfect feel of what you sell.

Choose a Layout

After the theme, you will have the option to choose a layout for your home page, catalog, and products page. You can opt for any layout available. However, it would be best to opt for a similar layout for each page. It will create harmony across your website to leave a good impression on your customers.

List Your Products

The next step is to add your products. During this process, you will be needed to add your brands, categories, collection, and products. Make sure that the products you add fall under the relevant category.

Add Images and Product Description

After adding the products, the next step is to add images of the products. Take clear pictures of your products and add them to each product page. Moreover, the product description is essential as well. Add comprehensive product descriptions on each product’s page. It will help you consumers understand the product better.

Customize the Theme and Template

Once you are done with the products, the next step is to customize the website. If you want to beat other Saudi stores, you need to make your store unique and stand out. The website builder will provide you with various customization options.

Add Various Payment Methods

Payment methods are essential for any business. You need to add various payment methods, giving your customers a choice. It will allow every person to buy from you regardless of how they can pay.

Mobile Optimization

Consumers often use smartphones for online shopping. If you want your products to sell more and your website to attract more customers, optimize it for mobile. It will broaden your targeted market.


Last and the most crucial step is marketing. You need to promote your website efficiently. It will help you reach out to more consumers and attract more potential customers. There are various options available to promote your website. However, the best option you have is search engine optimization.

Get the Perfect E Commerce Website for Your Store

If you follow all these steps, you can get the perfect website for your store. If you are on the lookout for a reliable website builder, then opt for 3S Cart. It is the best platform to help you build an attractive and functional e commerce website.

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