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Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone and How to Treat Them!

Men and testosterone are often associated together and while women do have a small amount of it is mostly known as a sex hormone in men. Often time’s hormone levels change in any human despite the gender and having low testosterone is a common problem among men. Research studies Chicago provide the best results at CCRI because males will have to face low levels of testosterone that may cause them some problems including erectile dysfunction, low sex drive reduced bone mass, etc. This is the hormone that has many important functions such as:

  • The bone and muscle development
  • The sperm production in men
  • The hair growth in males such as beard, deepening the voice, and development of other factors related to the appearance
  • Over time, the development of testosterone will reduce among men. They will face low testosterone conditions which is a single or combination of multiple conditions.
  • The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone

There are several signs and symptoms that may show that a person is facing low testosterone such as:

Hair fall

Though hair fall is a common part of aging and a huge number of men will face this situation along with women. However, some trusted studies have shown that lower testosterone is also a common sign of hair fall, and opting for testosterone implants has found helpful. Such a situation for both men and some women facing sex hormone deficiency.

The Reduced Amount of Semen

Semen is the fluid that comes out when men ejaculate and this type of fluid helps the sperm to move towards the egg. The production of semen is heavily affected by testosterone, and a reduced level of semen signifies low testosterone and lower semen means trouble with fertility.

Bone Mass Reduction

When it comes to bone mass and natural bone volume then testosterone plays an important role. When the testosterone level is lower it will affect the strength and mass of the bone which will lead to fractures.

Erection Problems

Testosterone is often called sex hormone because it helps in maintaining your erection and when they lower it would be difficult to get or maintain erections. They will stimulate the penile tissues to produce nitric acid that start several reactions and cause an erection. If the hormone level is low then you may have to face difficulty in maintaining an erection. However following conditions can also cause erectile dysfunction:

Stress or anxiety

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Smoking
  • Thyroid-related issues
  • High cholesterol
  • Lower Sex Drive

If you are young, let’s say in your 30s then you are less likely to be facing lower sex drive issues. If you don’t have any underlying condition. However, lower sex drive at such time is a common cause of low testosterone. Keep in mind that aging is a common issue with lower sex drive but not before a certain point as some still maintain their sex drive after 50 or so.

Reduced Energy Levels

Though it is possible to feel fatigued and tired due to aging it is totally fine if you are feeling overly tired and fatigued for no reason. Then you should check your T-levels as they reduce testosterone levels and can cause overly fatigue and tiredness.

Difficulty in Sleeping

A temporary difficulty in sleeping such as changing environment, city, or weather conditions may cause difficulty in sleeping in men. If it isn’t recovering and you are feeling tired all day then it could be the reason could be low testosterone. It may develop a condition such as sleep apnea which is even severe where the person may feel shortness in breathing while sleeping and it may disrupt their sleep.

Hot flashes

Though a large number of people will associate the hot flashes with estrogen levels. Fluctuate during menopause studies have shown that low testosterone is also the reason behind the hot flash

Enhanced Body Fat

It could be surprising for many of us but it is true that when the testosterone levels are reduced then it can cause an increase in body fat. In some scenarios, men with such hormonal deficiency may develop the condition of gynecomastia where men may develop large breasts.

Reduced in testicle size

Men with lower testosterone may notice that their testicles reduced and it isn’t because of cold temperatures. Oftentimes their scrotum will also be felt softer than it supposes to be.

Too Much Mood Swings

Men also face changes in mood and so is any human which is fine. But in a different study, it has been seen that men with low testosterone are often found it hard to focus, irritable, and depressed.

When to See the Doctor?

If you think that there is more than one symptom that is happening right now with you. You should seek medical attention immediately. The doctor will diagnose low testosterone by performing a physical evaluation and taking a look at the symptoms a person is facing. The doctor may also want to look for additional signs.


Once the diagnosis is completed, doctors may recommend some treatments according to the conditions such as testosterone replacement therapy. However, if a person shows different symptoms at once then doctors will only prescribe TRT or the blood test is indicating that the person has hormone deficiency.

There are several delivery methods of TRT, including:

  • Injections
  • Skin patches
  • Gels
  • Tablets that dissolve in the mouth
  • Surgically implanted pellets that release the hormone

Most people will start to notice relief after a week or so after getting testosterone replacement therapy.

Bottom Line

It can be hard for one to find the exact testosterone level in its blood and only doctors will look for the testosterone level. Need to know more, keep checking our blog for further updates regarding testosterone. We will update the posts every time with new results and studies so stay tuned for more information. For more details and information you can contact research studies in Chicago.

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