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Common Mistakes First-Time Car Buyers Make

Purchasing a car is already a big investment. If you’re making this investment for the first time, the pressure multiplies.

So, if you feel anxious, it’s normal. But keeping a few things in mind can help you turn all your anxiety into thrill and excitement. If you’re shopping for a car, you first need to feel relaxed and cheerful.

The best way to kill all your anxious emotions is to keep them aside for a while and start your research. You can search about the important features to look for in a car, effective insurance policies for cars, and several other important details on Google. Speaking to a relative or friend who has experience in purchasing automotive vehicles can also help.

Here are a few mistakes car buyers usually make and how you can avoid these mistakes.

No Specific Goals

If you’re going to shop for a car, you should be very clear about what you want. If you’re not clear about what you want, anybody can easily manipulate you into purchasing a car that doesn’t meet your requirements.

Every car dealership promises to guide the buyers about the right cars, but before you go there, make sure you know the different features of a car that contributes to its price. From the safety and speed, it offers the engine details to the controllability options and entertainment features and takes notes about all the important aspects of a car. Always make sure that the car is worth the price.

Also, make a list of your preferences. When you don’t have specific criteria in your mind, you can easily get confused and end up making the wrong choice.

If, for instance, you’re a beginner or don’t have sufficient driving experience, you may want to buy a car that offers greater control and a driving mechanism that can easily adapt to the drivers’ behavior. If you’re at your learning stage, you may want to look for a car that features a strong body that’s dent resistant. Similarly, if you’re an experienced driver, you may want to purchase a car that’s comfortable yet looks classy.

Focusing on the Sticker Price

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Always consider the total cost of ownership when you purchase a car and make sure it falls under your budget.

Purchasing a new car might sound like a better option at first, but don’t forget to consider important factors like its expected depreciation, fuel costs, insurance, and taxes before you buy it.

Sticking to One Option

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When you go out shopping for a car, you may come across several options. From local car dealerships to rental car agencies and Craigslist to online car shopping websites, you can choose any option based on your requirements. Every option has its pros and cons.


If you’re looking for a nice deal on an old car, go for Craigslist. But make sure you have sufficient mechanical knowledge and information about the seller’s background. There are lots of scammers on the platform, so you should be careful before finalizing the deal.

Car Dealerships

One of the most common ways to purchase a car, but some people don’t have a good experience with dealerships. While there are surely some highly reputable car dealers in the US that are known for their commitment and customer support, some of them don’t establish an appropriate system for customer support. You may have to wait in queues for your turn to speak to an inexperienced or unprofessional sales representative. Some automobile companies also offer overpriced cars.

But if you want to learn how it feels to drive a car, you should consider visiting a car dealership in your area. They allow you to test drive as many cars as you want to.

Rental Car Agencies

Rental car companies typically sell the cars they’re taking out of service or when the vehicle reaches approximately 25,000 to 40,000 miles. Unlike dealerships, rental car agencies usually sell these vehicles for a no-haggle discount.

The best thing about purchasing a car from a car rental is that you can test drives them for several days and pays a reduced rental rate; if you decide not to buy the car. A typical test drive at a car dealership can never give you insight into the car performance you may get during a week.

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