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Checklist for Developing a White Label Launchpad

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular, reaching peak popularity in recent years. This has resulted in a large number of new users joining the crypto business. Nowadays, cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency launchpad solutions are in high demand, and entrepreneurs are developing new creative crypto businesses.

However, these new market ideas will require funding for their growth. They use crowdfunding to reach out to investors. How will these projects meet their objectives? This is why Crypto Launchpads are the next trend in blockchain technology. Are you new to white-label development? Here’s a quick rundown of White-Label Crypto Launchpad Development.

Blockchain Crowdfunding Modules

Before beginning white-label launchpad development, it is critical to understand how these initiatives collect financing through crowdfunding. Typically, a firm creating a blockchain project will hold a pre-sale crowdfunding event on a decentralized platform. They create tokens on the blockchain and sell them to a small group of individuals at a reduced price before releasing them to the general public. The investors that engage in this pre-sale thereby contribute to the project’s early development. The proceeds from this sale use by the companies to fund their development. Simultaneously, early investors may earn passive income by exchanging the tokens for a greater price when they are formally issued to the public. Depending on their demands, several startups employ various Crowdfunding modules. Some of the most popular modules are as follows:

  • (ICO): Initial Coin Offering
  • Initial DEX Offering
  • IEO: Initial Exchange Offering
  • Initial Liquidity Offering
  • Initial Insurance Offering

Other token offers utilized by different NFTs include Initial NFT Offering, Initial Gaming Offering, and Security Token Offering.

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(ICO): Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

One of the most prevalent fundraising techniques is an ICO, in which a currency or token distribute on a platform prior to a decentralized exchange listing. It is comparable to an Initial Public Offering (IPO), except instead of stocks and shares, it is in the form of cryptocurrency.

Initial DEX Offering

The coins in IDO are distributes through a decentralized network. This aids in increasing the liquidity of the tokens through the use of liquidity pools. The new tokens stake with LP tokens, giving liquidity to them. It is now the most popular module among enterprises.

IEO: Initial Exchange Offering

It is a one-of-a-kind fundraising strategy in which the project holder does not directly participate in fundraising operations. Instead, the financing handles via a decentralized third-party trading platform.

ILO: Initial Liquidity Offering

The ILO funding strategy suits cryptocurrency startups and tiny, unique blockchain ventures. In this way, startups may sell their tokens directly on defi-based decentralized exchanges. This is accomplished without the need for an ICO at the outset.

Initial Insurance Offering

It is a unique funding strategy in the cryptocurrency sector that provides insurance for investors and the assets they finance. This is accomplished with the use of a specific symbol showing the insurance. It is mostly employed in Binance Smart Chain initiatives. These unique tokens are manufactured with the assistance of a Helmet. Helmet. insure in crypto assists in the creation of a crypto-asset insurance policy. This shields users from price fluctuations.

What Features Should Your Launchpad Have?

You may have a rudimentary idea of how the cryptocurrency industry gets cash for its initiatives. In order to contact potential investors, they require a decentralized crypto launchpad. The following are the essential elements of a launchpad.

Compatibility with several chains

The launchpad must be capable of hosting projects from several blockchains while also supporting multi-chain interoperability. You may use any Blockchain, and developers can create a strong launchpad.

Wallet Option Built-In

The platform must allow investors to conduct frictionless transactions. Investors will benefit from increased security and dependability if the platform has an in-built wallet.

Staking Module with Multiple Tiers

To participate in crowdfunding, investors often stake tokens. Multiple rounds of fundraising, based on the number of tokens staked, will create a lucrative environment for investors.

Liquidity Pool Automation

An automated liquidity pool requires to offer liquidity to the new tokens. This not only encourages trading among investors but also results in gains for the investors. The liquidity automates since investors contribute liquidity provider tokens before purchasing tokens.

Verification of KYC

Before engaging in a crowdfunding event, investors must undergo KYC verification. This will eliminate bot behavior while booking spaces for the financing event.

Crypto Launchpad’s Business Advantages

  • A crypto launchpad raises the awareness of initiatives and aids in the acquisition of early-stage funding.
  • It assists investors in identifying viable projects and investing in them at the early stages of development.
  • Protects investors from early-stage investment scams and frauds.
  • The launchpad’s native coin can help you achieve success in the crypto business.

Where Do I Begin?

It will be perplexing to take the initial step in creating a crypto launchpad. To begin, you must prepare the platform’s concept. There are several approaches to developing a crypto launchpad. The most prevalent and cost-effective method for entrepreneurs these days is to use ready-made crypto launchpad solutions.

They are pre-designed and pre-tested solutions that can customize. It requires less time and may be put into action as soon as possible. It also consumes fewer resources, making it the most efficient means of constructing a decentralized platform from the ground up. Many developers can provide this White-label solution; contact them to explore the viability of your customization.


The crypto industry’s consumers have grown dramatically in recent years, and now is the ideal moment for businesses to become involved. Contact a Crypto Launchpad Development Company as soon as possible to get started.


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