Causes and Treatment of Wide Pores | Shrink Pores

Are you tired of the uneven texture of your skin?

Let us help you by providing the best solution on how to shrink pores naturally!

If you are facing any issues with your skin, this article is written for you! You can try using some remedies and treatments for clogged pores after reading this article. Wide clogged pores can easily shrink and disappear from your face if taken a bit.

However, you can’t force time to speed up the curing process. The only thing you can do is just wait patiently. Because the healing procedure will take some time. It is a slow process. In this article, you will get to know the reasons and treatment for shrinking the pores.

There are two categorized for the types of pores on your face. One is open pores and the other type is the clogged pores. Your pores are generally open. But when extra sebum starts burying in these pores will make them clogged. For the open pores, you can try remedies to shrink them.

And for the clogged pores, you need to take out the debris from them. It is a difficult and time taking process. Sometimes these pores are present on your skin, still, you cannot identify them.

What cause wide pores

The pores are naturally present on your skin. You can’t permanently remove them. However you can clean them and minimize their size.

It has a lot many causes for its occurrence. And you can just blame one reason for it.

  • Acne
  • Excess secretion of oil and sebum
  • Ultimate exposure to the sun
  • Makeup products that can block them
  • Genetics
  • Aging of skin
  • The follicle of hair become thick
  • Skin care applicants
  • Pollution
  • Dirt
  • Over cleansing
  • Hormonal changes

Category of pores

1.Pores containing oil

So, the pores are small swellings that are joined with glands of oil. They are present all over the skin of face. Some people might have big sized pores. While some have little ones.


2.The pores for sweat

These pores are available on the whole skin. Hence, they are smaller than the other pores.

This article is about the pores containing oil.

How acne causes pores

First of all, acne is caused by these oil glands. The pores take out the unwanted oils from the skin. This waste then accumulates in the follicles of hair. Later on, it enlarges the size of the pores.

How to shrink pores

  • The First ever step is to take steam. As it is the best way to take the impurities out of the skin cells. Hence, the result will be minimizing the pores. You can even add castor oil to it.
  • Sheet mask

Apply the sheets mask to dry your face. They will lock down the moisture of the skin. And prevent skin from excreting more oil. Similarly, it will minimize the openings of the pores.

  • Face masks include charcoal mask
  • You can also try a clay mask. As this mask is also shrunk the pores

If you ask for help from medical assistance, they will recommend you skin laser treatment. Although it is a bit expensive. But will remove the antiaging features from the skin. Similarly, it will remove the acne marks.

  • use exfoliators containing AHA and BHA
  • then, you should use water-based and gel products
  • frequently use retinoid
  • next, you might also apply chemicals peel off products
  • add zinc supplements in your diet
  • avoid oily food items
  • look for the products that suit your skin
  • increase the use of salicylic acid on your skin
  • regularly use niacin amide serum
  • you can even do a procedure called micro needling on your skin
  • Similarly, use the egg white masks. It will make your skin tight. And reduce the pores

Precautions to shrink pores

  • Try using sunscreens twice a day
  • Frequently moisturize your face with a good moisturizer
  • Likewise, scrub your face
  • Also, cleanse with a cleanser
  • Avoid using a lot of makeup
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid poking your scars, pimples or, blackheads

Pores enlarge

The natural pores can even increase their size and become large. Also, the accumulation of waste on your skin will make them bigger. Likewise, the exposure to the sun will enlarge them. The dry skin types experience more pores.

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