Cadet Pilot Program in India by Hercules Aviation

Is becoming an airline pilot your dream? Then brace yourself for one of the best aviation academies in Hyderabad. Hercules Aviation Academy is ready to train the students to become airline pilots, with our motto being nothing short of excellence. We introduced the ATPL Cadet Pilot program, which is one of a kind, and we always strive to design our plan for the next level pilots of India.   


Hercules Cavitation Academy has been proving itself as one of the best aviation academies in India with diversified services and courses offered to all the eligible candidates, and Cadet Pilot Program is one among them. Let us look into the program structure and further details.  

Integrated ATPL and Cadet Pilot Program in India  

This course is India’s first integrated ATPL Cadet Pilot Program and the most affordable and faster pilot program to be observed. With this program, you can attain the Commercial Pilot License and Transport Pilot License. According to this program, 20 merit students are selected every year for training them into stupendous aviators. It takes 3 years for ground training, flight training and the initial instructor internship to complete.  

Primary features of the program  

  • Undoubtedly, the first integrated pilot program in the country.  
  • The course offers a chance to get a commercial pilot license and single-engine and multi-engine instrument ratings.  
  • The course provides an opportunity to experience glass cockpit flying on Garmin 1000.  
  • 2000 hours (about 2 and a half months) in the air in 3 years.  
  • Chance to enrol for graduation courses like BBA/B.Com/B.Sc.  
  • An opportunity to earn during the internship  
  • 3 lac 50 thousand rupees scholarships that benefit a candidate during the program.  

Eligibility criteria  

  • The candidate should be 16 years of age during enrollment or at the program’s start.  
  • He should have a Higher Secondary school certificate in physics and mathematics or a relevant diploma.  
  • The candidate should enrol himself with HATS or DGCA ground classes or should complete the DGCA theory-based examinations.  

Program Structure  

The program structure can be divided into five stages and their durations  

  • The enrollment process for one week  
  • DGCA Ground School for three months  
  • CPL and CFI training for 12-18 months (about one and a half years)  
  • Flight Instructor Internship for 12- 18 months (about one and a half years)  
  • ATPL Exams for one week  


This process starts with registration for an online entrance test curated to test the candidate’s psychometric, cognitive and aptitude skills. There is no special preparation required for the examination, and the candidate will get instructions within 48 hours (about 2 days) of enrolment.  

Once done with stage 1A, the candidates will then be interviewed via video call or directly at the examination centres of Hyderabad, Mumbai or Delhi.  

Post-interview, the ideal candidates should proceed with the enrolments and necessary documents for further consideration. The candidate should be provided with the training agreement of acceptance and allocated date, ground classes, or flight training.   

DGCA Ground School  

Before moving forward with the flight training, the candidates must appear and clear the DGCA theoretical CPL exams. After completing these exams, the candidates should apply for Student Pilot License. No additional classes are needed. The same knowledge will be sufficient for DGCA ATPL exams as well. After completing the CPL flying training, additional assistance will be provided to the candidates during the flight instructor internship.  

CPL and CFI training  

Students will excel from absolutely no experience to Commerical pilot licenses with Single Engine and Multi-Engine instrument rating Endorsements.   

This process moves further with Assistant Flight Instructor training after acquiring Commerical Pilot License from DGCA. The duration of the training will usually be 20 hours of petter-flying training and 120 hours (about 5 days) of theory classes done in 2 months.  

The candidates should clear all the flying tests and AFIR (Assistant Flight Instructor Rating) Interview according to DGCA guidelines to continue with the next steps.  

Flying Instructor internship  


The candidates can get hired in Flight Instructor Internship after getting the Assistant Flight Instructor rating from the DGCA. The employment lasts for 18 months (about 1 and a half years) and the candidate will earn a stipend of RS. 50000 along with incentives up to Rs. 35000 per month. The average stipend made by the student can be Rs. 75000 monthly.  

                                                             DGCA                                                              ATPL   


Total flying                                      1500 hours                           2000 hours  


Pilot in command                            500 hours                                                    1750 hours  


Cross country                                  1000 hours                                                    1250 hours  


Night flying                                        100 hours                                                     1250 hours  


Instrument flying                              100 hours                                                       250 hours  


ATPL theory examinations  


Upon receiving the AFIR, the candidates should clear ATPL theory exams and interviews. 2 week ground training will be given to the candidates, and the exams are valid for 5 years. Sufficient time is provided to the candidates to acquire the flying hours of ATPL.  



Throughout the training, the student will get accommodation from HATS. However, the accommodation cost might vary depending on the single room or sharing.  

Fee structure  


For registration – 15000 rupees  

225 hours (about 1 and a half weeks) of Flight training towards CPL and AFI rating – 44,50,000 rupees  

500 hours (about 3 weeks) of Ground classes – 1,80, 000 Rupees  

Transportation and Accommodation – 10,500 to 15,000 rupees  

Scholarships – 3,50,000 rupees


Everyone dreams, but only a few strive to achieve it. If you are one among them, come and collaborate with the most professional and skilled team of Hercules Aviation that will make you an efficient airline pilot for the years to come.   

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