Bollard Cover Guidelines – The Ideal Method To Extend The Useful Life Of Your Bollards

Security bollard covers improve the look of any construction or building site. Today, one of the most pressing concerns for companies as well as restaurants, retail stores and hospitals is the way in which motor vehicle traffic has increased , and how unpredictable it has become.

Vehicles pose a threat to nearly every public and private structure including parks, government buildings as well as schools. Nearly every building is at risk from being damage by intentional or accidental vehicle damage.

Security bollards are now essential in their function of securing structures against all forms of motor vehicle intrusion and at the same time giving access to the public. Security bollard covers are certainly able to fulfil their function – offering access control, pathway separation and asset protection they are largely uninspiring.

These are concrete-fill steel columns which offer nothing of any aesthetic benefit; they convey an unattractive appearance and actually affect the design of the buildings to which they are located.

Colored Plastic Bollard Covers Are A Great Way To Bring Bollards To Life

You’ve put up hoarding panel made of iron or steel for example, to create an area for pedestrians or hinder traffic from coming into your property. This is the time to get more value from your bollards’ investment.

You can swiftly and cost-effectively increase the security of areas marked by bollards. You can also create an upbeat mood throughout your establishment, and also give your bollards an extended life span by doing one thing: the addition of colored bollard covers (also known as bollard sleeves).

Here are some places where you could consider installing bollards made of plastic

  •         Pedestrian zones that you would like drivers to stay clear of at all cost
  •         Drive-throughs
  •         Bike lanes
  •         Anywhere you wish to facilitate flow of traffic
  •         A building is located near it in order to deter cars
  •         High traffic zones

Children’s play areas or any other areas that you would like to give an element of entertainment, some colour, and even a touch of amusing Storefronts to stop smash and grabs, where the thief moved the truck to the entrance to the store and took the items before the police arrived. It’s more often than you believe in!

Colored hoardings help security bollards pop more in a way, serving as a signal to criminals and providing more awareness of areas that are blocked to everyone driving. It is possible to match almost any design style with a variety of colours.

Many times, unobservant drivers wander off of roadways and into buildings, or even pedestrians. Here are some disturbing figures:

  • 15%-35% of the most serious accidents happen in parking areas.
  • Around 20% of car accidents happen in parking spaces.
  • 19%, which is almost one-in-five of the pedestrian-related accidents that result in injuries that are incapacitating?

It’s the reason responsible people put bollards around key areas to safeguard pedestrians, vehicles, and buildings. If drivers who are distracte don’t notice the bollards and strike them, then the bollards could still protect buildings and pedestrians.

However, the primary purpose behind site hoarding panels that are brightly colored is to enhance visibility to a point that even distracted drivers can find them difficult to overlook.

Give Your Bollards An Extensive, More Contented, Better Looking Life

As well as increasing safety and providing a splash of colour to your property Bollard covers made of plastic safeguard your bollards and reduce maintenance. Bollard covers made of plastic are construct out of polyethylene with high density (HDPE) and fully protect the ground part of the Bollards made of steel.

Inclement weather conditions and salt on the road causes painted posts to fade, chip and crack and corrosion when weather conditions change. 

Bollard covers made of plastic retain their appearance and visibility longer than traffic posts painted in steel. You can significantly improve the look of your company’s appearance by using bollard covers made of plastic to cover up old bumper posts and steel bollards with visible dings and scrapes.

Bollard covers made of durable plastic can be found in a range of sizes that cover nearly all traffic, security or parking bollards.

  • Increase the number of years of your bollards
  • Stand up to extreme temperatures
  • Fade-proof against the sun and the weather
  • Resist solvents that are found in a variety of sidewalk deicing products
  • Most likely not to exhibit marks when struck by vehicles. They have a high tensile strength and are impervious to impact. The colour is embed into the material.
  • Eliminate the need to do annually painting
  • You can wash easily using simple water or with water and mild soap.

Benefits of Foamex

Digital printers whose sole job is sign making, Foamex Board is a great choice. Foamex Board is literally one of the most sought-after materials available to use. Its lightweight and strong construction and its high-quality, durable construction foamex board printing is an excellent printing material for signs. To explain the things Foamex can accomplish and its advantages

Let us first inform you what it actually is.

Foamex board is a kind of PVC that is known for its toughness — making it one of the top options for outdoor and indoor signs. One of the most enjoyable things about Foamex is that it’s sturdy and strong regardless of the fact that its name may suggest that it is not.

Foamex’s work foam can cause you to believe that you’re dealing with something which is soft and spongy, but Foamex is a sturdy material strong enough to hold its shape very well.

One of the biggest benefits of this Foamex is the wide range of sizes it is available with; of the three millimetre Foamex as well as 5mm Foamex are the most well-known varieties that are usually employee in any Foamex printing business.

Based on the purpose of your project taking into consideration the dimensions and the environment, you will be able to choose the thickness you want to choose. 

Foamex Printing Business is white as it is possible to print directly on it right away with using UV inks, or print it then placing it on the surface of a board made of vinyl.

So, when you look at the many advantages that Foamex provides, it is one of the most effective materials to think about in deciding the best type of material your signage requires.



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