Bluetooth: why is it not recommended to always have it activated?

Bluetooth is a function that is recommend, according to experts, to have it turn off. While it is not being use to avoid some risks. The experts of the Redes Zone portal point out: “Even if it is in the background, it will continue to work. In addition, this can allow certain attacks by hackers who manage to exploit a flaw.

The portal explains that this technology “has been around for more than 25 years”, but has made advances over time and new versions. For example, you can now have greater range, speed and stability. “In this way there are many devices that can take advantage of it.” This functionality allows you to connect different devices to each other to communicate. “You can connect the headset wirelessly with your mobile (cell phone), computer or any other compatible equipment”, it is also a good tool for exchanging information, pairing devices, and hands-free.

Bluetooth Hack, Control Phones by Bluetooth

Bluetooth hack is small java software that allows you to take control of cell phones with bluetooth 1.X (in higher versions [modern cell phones], it will ask for authorization to be used) activated:

  • Doing some research I found a program of Russian or Slovenian Origin (called bluetooth hack) that has several options to be able to enter via bluetooth from one cell phone to another and when you are inside the other cell phone, you can activate the ringer, make calls from that cell phone, you can turn it off, reset from the master, you can control the joystick (depending on the cell phone)
  • With bluetooth hack you can also view and store his contacts, messages, view his last calls etc. This program (bluetooth hack) is easy to install and use, it works very well with Sony Ericsson.


1.) When connecting the devices use a code 0000

2.) At the beginning of the program on smartphones, do not forget to turn on the it before starting its use

Talk about bluetooth hacking

The OFFICIAL Website of the hack Project is: the article sent by MAURO does not have a counterpart (how to protect yourself against these attacks) here are some recommendations to Increase the Security of your Cell Phone with it:

  • Keep your it off, it not only consumes extra battery power but also leaves a door open for other people to get into your cell phone (activate it only when you need to use it).
  • If you want to leave bluetooth active, set it to “hidden” mode, [Menu>Connectivity>Bluetooth>Bluetooth settings>Hidden] (this path usually changes with each phone but it will give you an idea of ​​where it is).
  • It is also recommended that in the name of the device do not put “Juanita’s Cellular”, a name like “Not Found” will draw less attention from a possible attacker. Remember that it works well on cell phones with bluetooth 1.x, on new cell phones it asks for authorization to enter… although with a bit of social engineering (eg, putting the name of your device… [You have a new Message, Accept to Read it]) you will be able to the other person accepts your bluetooth connection.


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