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Best Winter Treks in India


There are several places in India where you could just forget about all about your daily life and just be mesmerised by the beauty of the places. In India there are several places for trekking and they are always spoken of for their stunning views. The below articles are going to be about 5 winter treks in India that promise stunning views.


Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha is one of the best places to go on a trek in the Himalayas. Kedarkandha is often referred to as a pilgrimage centre.It is also being said that according to epic story ‘Maharabharata’  after the war the pandavas went to Kedarkandha to seek the blessings of lord shiva. Not only as a pilgrimage centre, Kedarkandha is also being referred to as a best tourist spot for its visual beauty. The statue of lord Shiva in Kedarnath is made up of greystone. Importantly the place is said to be very much attractive as it is surrounded by himalayas and other mountain ranges. It takes 6 days to complete our trek at Kedarkantha trek.


Chadar Trek

The chadar trek which is also referred as Zanskar gorge trek is located at Ladakh. It is a perfect tourist spot to b visited during the time of winter. It is place which could make us to be stunned by its beauty. As per the famous saying “BEAUTY IS DANGEROUS” chadar trek is equally dangerous too. The main difficulties in Chadar trek include the violent climatic changes there.  Chadar trek is also being referred as one of the dangerous  treks in the world. But it is a perfect place for the people who loves to be adventurous and to experience adventures. It takes 8 to 9 days to complete our trekking at Chadar trek.  And chadar trek is not suitable for those people who need to go on a solo trekking as it needs to be done in small groups or large groups.


Brahmatal Trek

Brahmatal trek is a trekking  place located in Uttarakhand.  It is not a very difficult place for trekking and it is referred to as a safe place for trekking.  It does not show snowfall all the time. In the fourth, fifth and sixth month of the year there is no snowfall at all in this place and it shows a moderate and beautiful climate during those months. It takes 4 days to complete our trek. 


Chandrashila Trek

Chandrashila is a word which means “Moon rock” . According to one of our epic Ramayana lords, Rama came here to meditate after killing Ravana in war. It is a suitable place for beginners. This trek is open in all the months of the year. But there is no option to stay at this place  and also it is not allowed to stay there. Approximately it takes 3 to 6 days to complete our trek at Chopta Chandrashila trek. It is a place where the trekking could be easy compared to the other trekking places. It is a good place for beginners to go trekking.


Goechala Trek

Goechala trek is a high mountain located in Sikkim. But it is said that it is not much but also quite difficult to go on a trekking to goechala trek. It can also be done by beginners if they are fit enough both physically and mentally. It is for its grand view of the peaks in himalayas. Goechala trek is also safe and it is also safe for the beginners who trek for the first time. It would take 11 days to complete our trekking at Goechala and accommodations to stay are also available there. It would be when we start but it gets somewhat difficult when we go higher in further trekking journey.



There are still many places in India that promise us stunning views. The places in India not only give stunning views for our eyes but also a lifetime experience for ourselves. There may be different reasons for people to go on a trekking, but there will always be a lot more things that they take back once they complete their trekking. The experiences they had may change the  opinion they have on their own life, or the opinions they have on the people with them , or the opinions they have on the world. The temporary change in their opinion can make a permanent change in their behaviour and the change in their behaviour can lead them to a new beginning and new life.

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