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Best Student & University Life in Gold Coast

According to a recent survey, generation Z is always looking for new cultures to learn about for their personal and professional development. Queensland, Australia, has all of this and more to offer. The Sunshine State is known for its prestigious universities, beautiful beaches, and a relaxed work atmosphere.

If you’re thinking about studying abroad in Queensland, you should look into Griffith University and James Cook University, both of which are well-known. Both of these universities are highly ranked and provide a wide choice of courses. They have a high demand for off-campus housing since they recruit a significant pool of talent each year. This article will examine student accommodation Gold Coast, everything one can do, places to be explored and the overall student experience here. 

Introducing student accommodation Gold Coast, Queensland

The Gold Coast is famous for its stunning beaches, hidden waterways, and canals, making it a water lover’s heaven. The Griffith University Gold Coast campus is located in Gold Coast, which is located south of Brisbane. If you are already a lucky student in this city, you must begin your search for suitable student accommodation Gold Coast.

The majority of student housing in the area is strategically positioned near all of the main universities. Student accommodation Gold Coast is ideal for students attending Southern Cross University or Bond University. Overall, the city boasts a well-developed public transportation system that includes buses, trains, and even boats. Student housing here connects you to all surrounding transit points, allowing you to travel and commute without fuss. It is possible to reach your schools by foot, thereby saving time and money on public transport.

You can choose from a variety of rooms in Gold Coast student accommodation. The alternatives are endless, ranging from shared apartments to private studios. The rooms are completely furnish with bedding, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Take advantage of amenities such as a gym, on-site laundry, a gaming room, and community lounges, which are all included in your rent. You may also walk to neighboring restaurants, bars, and entertainment places from your Gold Coast student housing.

A sneak peek at the places to explore in the city

Do you enjoy taking your time to visit the sights? Or would you prefer to move fast by car, be in the thick of things, and immerse yourself in energizing experiences that get your heart racing and endorphins flowing? If you prefer to push yourself to the limit, we’ve compiled a list of memorable adventures that throw light on the finest of the Gold Coast’s magnificent outdoors.

If you’ve always wanted to do feats like those seen in Mission Impossible, now is your opportunity – heli skydiving is now available. Skydive Surfers Paradise has teamed together with SeaWorld Helicopters to bring you this thrilling experience. You take a jet engine helicopter up to 10,000 feet over the Gold Coast before executing a tandem dive into thin air and descending at 200 kph. After your parachute has deployed, you’ll drift down to a beach landing, where you’ll likely be treated to some of the best views of the famed seaside city and its surroundings. This segment is quite quiet once your heart stops thumping!

If a leisurely paddle isn’t your thing, hop onto a much faster watercraft for a more adrenaline-fueled Gold Coast trip. The 650 horsepower twin jet-power turbo engines on the Jetboat Extreme provide a thrilling ride at speeds up to 80 kilometers per hour. 360-degree spins, water slides, swooping fish tails, and furious wave riding will test your nerves. You’ll be whizzing around the Gold Coast’s waterways for 55 minutes, hooting, screaming, and shrieking when the spray hits you. The thrilling experience is enhancing by witty captains who toss in a few jokes, interesting facts, and local expertise along the way. Moreover bring a towel or a change of clothes because you’ll almost certainly get wet!

Australian Kayaking Adventures

Students can also join Australian Kayaking Adventures for a half-day excursion to South Stradbroke Island. One of the Gold Coast’s hidden jewels, for a unique aquatic adventure in the crystal-clear ocean. The journey starts with a relaxing paddle over calm waters to a hidden island. Where you’ll have a superb beachside Continental breakfast. Then put on a snorkel and go snorkeling with hundreds of tropical fish. Before kayaking to South Stradbroke Island for a bush walk. On your excursion, you’ll see dolphins, turtles, and rays, among other animals.

Concluding Thoughts

Therefore, choosing the right student accommodation will provide you with a comfortable life abroad. With your mundane needs taken care of, you can focus on academics and extracurriculars. Student accommodation Gold Coast has a lot of options for you to explore. However, before finalizing on your accommodation, do double check your amenities and their availability for a smooth onboarding process.

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