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Best Student Accommodation Options Near Western Michigan University Kalamazoo

Students coming to Kalamazoo to study can choose between different types of student housing. There is a wide variety of Student accommodation Kalamazoo market, and it can be a little confusing if you are looking for student housing for the first time. Each has certain advantages and disadvantages, but all are equally feasible as long as they are approved by your college. This is the only way to ensure high standards for the entire duration of your stay.

There are a number of options when it comes to deciding where you will live when you live and study in the United States.

These options include:

  • On-campus student housing
  • Off-campus housing
  • Homestays

On-campus dorms

Once you are enrolled at a Kalamazoo school, the admissions department or international student office will most likely send you a pre-departure orientation packet. This information will usually include information about housing options.

Some American schools offer housing for international students on campus or near the school’s classrooms, libraries, and other facilities. “Residence halls” are buildings with many rooms for sleeping and living. Often with two or three people (of the same sex) per room. Residents of the dorms usually share large bathrooms with showers and toilets. Many first-year students prefer to live in on-campus residence halls because they are conveniently located for both academic and social activities. Another advantage is that you probably will not need a car to commute to campus.

On-campus student accommodation Kalamazoo is also in close proximity to the cafeteria and other dining facilities. American colleges and universities offer very flexible meal plan programs where you can pay in advance for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most colleges also allow you to deposit a certain amount of money at the beginning of the semester for food items that you can purchase at specific locations. The cost of each item will be deducted from the balance on your account during the semester. Again, you will likely find specific details about your dining options in your pre-departure orientation packet.

Moving into a dorm is relatively easy: utilities such as electricity and phone lines are most likely already in place. Each U.S. college or college has its own rules for paying for long-distance calls; find out about these rules once you arrive on campus.

Off-campus options

Some U.S. colleges do not offer on-campus housing for international students. However, an off-campus housing office will assist you in finding suitable housing. Often, the office will coordinate activities to help students find a compatible roommate with whom they can share costs. They will also receive information about the local area, including popular restaurants, shopping, parks and recreation areas, and public transportation.

Rent an apartment

Ask new friends and other students if they have suggestions for a good apartment. Check the classifieds in the local newspaper (there are usually more apartment listings on Sundays than other days of the week). If all else fails, contact a real estate agent – but watch out for undisclosed fees for this service.

If you are looking for renting any private apartment then you can opt for 58 west Kalamazoo. It is situated near the Western Michigan University. A fully equipped apartment community 58 West is designed specifically for Western Michigan College students. Conveniently sitauted just minutes to WMU’s Kalamazoo campus. It offers different room types. You can look forward to spacious apartments in an environment that offers a complete lifestyle, including a fitness center, indoor basketball court, pool and hot tub, volleyball court. 

Before signing a lease, look around the area to determine if you feel safe living there and if you are close to schools and grocery stores. You should read the contract carefully before you sign it. For example, you will learn that the landlord is not liable for your property if it is stolen or destroyed, so you should consider purchasing “renters insurance.” If you do not understand part of the lease, ask the landlord, a friend, or someone from the Office for International Students to explain it to you.


Homestays are a great option for students under the age of 18. Especially those who are afraid to leave home and live in a new country. With a homestay, student accommodation near Western Michigan University, you will stay with an American family that is only few minutes away from your campus. 

Living with an American family will allow you to fully immerse yourself in American culture while adjusting to the life of the family you stay with. You can benefit from the comforts of home and appliances and family life. Even when you are far from home and in a completely new country.

There are many options for student accommodation near Western Michigan University. Some of the best student accommodation Kalamazoo near the university which students can choose for their stay are:

  1. 58 West
  2. Arcadia Grove
  3. The Bronco Club
  4. The Landing
  5. 700 Soho
  6. 400 Rose
  7. The Exchange

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