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Best PC Games of 2022

They have conquered millions of fans young and old all over the world, thanks to technology and increasingly realistic graphics they will continue to do so again. PC games are the ones that continue to hold the ground among the players, the quality and the complete interaction offer emotions and an almost realistic involvement, some Pc games are considered like a story that varies at each start of the game.

The PC games also have their sequels, you start with a story and other more exciting ones will follow, this is what happens in most cases, the big production companies manage to create more and more compelling stories for their followers by even creating communities where to exchange opinions and suggestions. Playing online and comparing with others or creating groups is another good way to interact with other real players, a method if we want to socialize.

Resident Evil VII

The game inspired by the film and its various sequels is back at the beginning of this year, a diablos monster hunter game that made history and that returns after a period of decline that has led to the disaffection of many fans. This new version of the game comes with a story full of twists and turns and is very compelling.

For Honor

The action PC game proposed by Ubisoft is a very special very realistic action game, set in an era where wielding the sword was the only condition to survive. Surely it will breach those who love the fighting hand-to-hand genre, between Vikings and samurai to give life to the last whipping fights.


Sniper Elite 4

For those who love war or urban warfare, this is a good sequel to a historical PC game that has thrilled thousands of fans around the world, it is a new edition full of novelties and with even more realistic graphics. The snipers in this version are even more acute and cold in carrying out delicate and highly strategic missions.

Halo Wars 2

If science fiction and space stories are your daily bread, then you must not miss this new version of the game, arrived at the second story between epic clashes and space travel, awaited by many fans is finally out for new even more exciting adventures.

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