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Looking for a place to rent band and orchestral equipment in Toronto? There are lot of music Bands

who provide Music Equipment Rental in Toronto.

Here are some tips on how to rent or share musical equipment

Talk about others and trust your intuition.


The first rule of renting/renting/borrowing: you can say no.

If you’re doing it through Craigslist, get a copy of your ID or other form of security. The most important thing is to get basic information about the device plan and make sure there are no problems. Agree only on what is right for you and your equipment.

If you are a lessee/borrower, make sure the equipment is really right for you. The market can offer more choices, so you don’t have to choose the first option in front of you. Having a good feeling about the owner doesn’t hurt. This is a business transaction, so trust your gut about who you work with. 

Check out the gear thoroughly before and after the hand-off. 


Just like you’d do a walk around of a rental car to make sure there isn’t damage before you pick it up (or at least to know what scrapes were already there), do the same thing with the gear. This is helpful for both sides of the transaction. Don’t hesitate to take some pictures so you can remember the condition of the items before the hand off, regardless of if it’s pristine or had a rough life on the road. 

After it’s returned, before you part ways and ride off to the next gig, do the same “walk around” together, so both of you know that it’s in the same condition. If it’s not in the same condition or if all items weren’t returned (maybe a cable was lost in the mix by accident), deal with it soon and be up front. If the renter has insurance for the show or a general policy, that may cover the damage or loss. If the owner takes a security deposit (or if you use a candle), you can use the money. Or determine the cost of debt and pay in cash.

And if it’s electronic, don’t forget to plug it in and make sure it works, before unplugging it or after unplugging it. There’s nothing worse than taking an SVT across the stack, bringing it to the scene with an Uber, and then realising it doesn’t work during a sound check.

Treat equipment as if it were your own.


This advice is especially useful for the borrower / tenant. You are using someone else’s equipment. They love this equipment and have memories of it. They toured with him, wrote songs about separation, and used them to record their first album. So treat it with respect, just like you treat your own gear or would want your gear to be treated by someone else. 

Always be professional when renting music equipment. 


Regardless of if it’s a friend doing you a favor, handle the transaction like you handle the other aspects of your career (hopefully), with courtesy and professionalism. This means communicating with the other person about expectations, sticking to the pick up and drop off times (or, if you have to be late, at least calling/texting to let them know in advance), and being courteous and respectful of their time. This is true for both. If you are borrowing or renting equipment from someone, be clear about your expectations and be ready when they arrive.


Being prepared can also ensure that the experience runs smoothly. For example, tape your shifter and write what’s in the case on each strip. This is an easy way to do a stock check at the end of the day while packing. It also makes it easy to make sure everything is there when you return the device.

Don’t be afraid to call.


You borrow from a colleague, someone else in your music community. You never know who they were, where they were, who they knew and played with, or what musical collaboration opportunities awaited them. Also, if you’re renting equipment from a suburban musician, you’ve just connected to a foreign city that you might want to play someday. Don’t be too busy or shy to chat, mess with gear, or share anecdotes about life on the road or in groups. If others are not receptive, you can quickly see and move on, but you may have just found a new pen pal, co-author, or sofa to sleep on.


If you are in the market for musical equipment rental Toronto, St John Music is your one-stop shop. They carry a wide range of instruments and accessories to meet your every need. Their knowledgeable staff is always happy to help you find the perfect piece of gear for your next project.

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